BMOR SINGA Vape Pod Vs. BMOR VENUS Vape Pod Comparison Review


BMOR is a known vape pod manufacturing company that has numerous models vape devices with different designs, features and specifications. However, there has been a series of comparison between the BMOR SINGA and the BMOR VENUS vape pod as regards their features and specifications. Although, the design of both pods are really attractive but, it depends on the buyers choice.

Comparison, Features, Specifications

The Bmor SINGA happens to be the world’s first disposable vape to feature ONE-TRI Tech. Looking at the design of the SINGA vape pod, it adopts special shiny metal-like panel professionally designed with a premium soft silicone rubber to deliver a smooth leather feeling texture making it comfortable to handle and use.

Design, Comparison, specifications

On the other hand, the Bmor VENUS vape pod adopts a small square box pattern having a Venus orbit design printed on the body of the pod. Although, both the SINGA and the Venus vape pods adopts the no fuss, no refilling, no charging, and no button design.

Comparison Review Specifications

Futhermore on the comparison, the SINGA vape pod is coupled with a 1.4- ohm mesh coil paired with BMOR LEMT technology in order to deliver a rich and satisfying taste. In terms of e-Juice tank capacity, the SINGA vape pod is still superior to the Venus vape pod by having a large 14ml capacity that is able to deliver up to 6000 satisfying puffs while the Venus pod manages a 6ml capacity that can deliver up to smooth 2500 puffs.

Comparison Review Specifications

On the battery aspect, the SINGA vape pod comes with a long-lasting 1400 mAh battery. While the Venus vape pod is associated with a 1200 mAh battery. Both vape devices have built-in multiple safety protection functions.

Where To Buy:

The Bmor SINGA vape pod is currently available for a discount price on the company’s official website as well as the Venus vape pod. Obviously, the prices of both vape devices differs.


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