BMOR SINGA Vs. SATURN Comparison Review


BMOR is a known name in the manufacturing of vape devices with attractive design. However, the company has numerous models of vape devices that are being put to comparison with each other as regards specs and features. Lately, most comparison between the SINGA vape pod and the SATURN vape pod shows slight difference between these models of vape devices from BMOR.


So far, the SINGA vape pod has proven itself to be one  of the selling vape device of 2022 due to its affordable price tag on the BMOR official website. It is also the world’s first disposable vape pod to feature the ONR- TRI technology as one of its top specs.

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Move to the design of these pods, the SINGA pod adopts a premium soft silicone rubber on the body that facilitates non-slip grip and comfortable handling experience. It is also has a special shiny metal-like panel alongside a leather feeling texture which increase the SINGA vape pod attractiveness.


BMOR’s SATURN vape pod adopts a compact and lightweight design which makes the pod easier to carry and also to store in your pocket. Although, the SATURN vape pod is professionally decorated with Aluminum Alloy material that adds balance and durability to the pod.

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SINGA is built with 1.4- ohm mesh coil pired with BMOR LEMT technology in order to deliver a satisfying taste. While the SATURN pod is associated with 1.8- ohm mesh coil. BMOR Singa is equipped with a large 14ml e-Juice tank capacity that is able to deliver up to 6000 satisfyingly smooth puffs with its 1400 mAh battery.


As an alternative vape device, the SATURN pod features a 5.2ml e-Juice tank capacity that is able to deliver up to 1600 puffs drawing power from its 1000 mAh battery.

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Where To Buy:

Both the SINGA vape pod and the SATURN vape pod are currently available for pocket-friendly prices on companys official website.


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