BMOR SINGA Vs. SOBER Pod Comparison Review


BMOR has the most durable vape pods with stylish design and large battery capacity. Lately, there have been a series of comparison between the BMOR SINGA vape pod and the BMOR SOBER pod. However, buyers needs to have the accurate knowledge of both the features and specifications of these vape devices from BMOR.

Talking about the BMOR SINGA, it is built with 1.4- ohm mesh coil with BMOR LEMT Technology in order to deliver a rich satisfying taste till the flavor pod is empty. To also power the SINGA pod is a long-lasting 1400mAh battery. While the Sober Pod is powered by a 650mAh built-in battery with maximu output of 15W and it features the brand new 0. 8- ohm mesh coil which is designed for big clouds and dense flavor.

In terms of design, the SINGA pod adopts a compact, auto-draw vape process which is very easy for users to start puffing right out of the box. While the SOBER pod also adopted a compact design that poses many details, such as anti fingerprint and scratch panels. In addition, the aerodynamic shape of the one-piece, magnetically connection and unique speckle craft brings users ultra light weight and simple operation.

Lastly, the SINGA pod comes with a large e-liquid tank capacity of 14ml which is bent on delivering up to 6000 satisfyingly smooth puffs. While the SOBER pod comes with 4ml / 2ml e-liquid tank capacity that is scheduled to deliver a decent amount of puffs.

Where To Buy:

The BMOR SINGA vape pod and the BMOR SOBER pod are currently available for a pocket-friendly price on the BMOR official website.


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