Boeleo W1 AI Translator: Capable of Translating 45 Different Languages For Just $99.99 at TOMTOP


Boeleo W1 Translator is a multilingual voice translator, which can quickly and accurately actualize simultaneous interpretation between Chinese and English or other 45 languages. It is portable, easy to use, and highly stable, which is of great help in removing language barriers. it also supports press-to-talk, supports BT, WiFi, 4G network and more functions beyond your imagination waiting for your exploration.

This Boeleo W1 voice translator with super mini design weighs only 122g, you can put it in your pocket or wallet easily. With high-sensitive and high-fidelity speaker, no need to worry about the surrounding noises. With a 2.8-inch IPS touchscreen, and 320 * 240 QVGA resolution, giving you a wonderful visual experience! it’s easy to connect the Wi-Fi; moreover, it can show the text of translating in case of wrong translating.

Boeleo W1 Translator Support 8 system languages and 45 languages to translate, convenient for you to use in daily life and work. With two ways of network connection, wireless WiFi and mobile 4G, you can use it to translate anytime and anywhere. It is also a global cross-language intercom, supports press-to-talk function, making your communication more fluent and close. Its transmission speed is up to 150Mbps.

Boeleo W1 Translator Support BT function, you can connect the translator with your BT-enabled speaker or earphones to output the voice. Boeleo W1 voice translator Offer continuous recording for 60 min with 8GB memory. It’s not only a good translator but also a tiny little recorder.

Boeleo W1 Translator Support 4 large translation engines(for Microsoft, iFLYTEK, Baidu and Google) and real-time translation, so that you are convenient to face-to-face communication with others. It can meet 500 people to chat at the same time.

it is a very handy feature, especially when you are traveling abroad. Using the 13MP camera, you can take photos of road signs, menus, parking instructions and translate them immediately. Moreover, in every situation, you may need to translate something in order to continue your work. Taking a quick picture and translating the content immediately is an amazing feature that will help you always.

Boeleo W1 Translator is equipped with a Sony high-density polymer long standby battery. The battery (2080mAh) holds up to 150 hours standby. You can continuously use the product for 400 minutes. Boeleo W1 Translator Support Suitable for multiple occasions, for example, ordering dishes, shopping, travel, tutoring, business meetings or conferences. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $99.99 in Flash Sale.


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