Bollywood casino returns money: secrets and life hacks


Each player knows that the game allows us to feel the brightness of life, appreciate the moment and feel an excitement. Now imagine that you can play and earn money and get some of the money back to your account. Cool, right?

And now there is such an opportunity at the Bollywood Casino. This is the same cashback principle that we have already got used to. Now you can get a part of the lost money back to your gaming balance. Thus, with Bollywood, you can receive an online casino bonus and maintain a positive game balance.

Please read this article to find out how cashback on Bollywood casino works and how to get it.

Conditions for receiving cashback
Do not confuse cashback with sign-up bonuses or welcome bonuses. This is a popular misconception.

Cashback is an exclusive type of client activity reward. Thanks to it, everyone has the opportunity to maintain a positive balance on their gaming account.

Here cashback is equivalent to a percentage of all bets and depends on the player’s level.

Therefore, it is so important to play, constantly increasing your game level. The higher it is, the more profitable it is to play. There are 12 levels available on the site. The player starts with the “Beginner” and goes up to the “Crown.” At the maximum level (the last of them), it is a maximum of 20%.

The percentage of cashback can be checked in the main menu in the balance section. Or just write to support: support@bollywood-

The cashback itself is calculated using this formula:

Cashback = (bet amount – winning amount) * return ratio

Example: You bet ₹300 on the spin, and you’ve won just ₹100. Your return rate is 20% (i.e. 0.2). Thus, the amount of the return after the spin will be: (₹300 – ₹100) * 0.2 = ₹40

An online casino bonus is credited to all players automatically, every Friday, at 3:30 IST. It will be displayed as “Gift” on the menu. The gift can be activated in the “Gifts” section on the site’s home page or in the main menu. When the gift is included, the refund will be immediately added to your balance. If the amount won for the week exceeds the amount of damage, no refund will be given. According to the rules of the casino, cash refunds can only be made after a bet.

Summary and conclusions

In this part, we will summarize and conclude. Relying on these simple points, you will not make a mistake, and you will be able to get the online bonus at Bollywood casinos without any problems.

– Cashback is a return of part of the money to the gaming account at no deposit casino

– Percentage of casino bonus depends on your level on the site

– The higher the player’s level and the bet, the higher the cashback itself

– Cashback is credited automatically every Friday

– Cashback is displayed as a gift in the menu

– There is no refund if the winning amount for the week exceeds the amount of damage

– Cash refunds are made only after the bet

Now you have complete information on how to get an online bonus at the no deposit casino. 


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