Boyueda Review – Folding Electric Scooter at $1,199.99 From Banggood


Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular. This is evidenced by the number of scooters on the streets, whether on shared scooters or their own. We bring you a great offer for a scooter from the category of the stronger ones – Boyueda Folding Electric Scooter. The biggest attractions of this scooter are engines with a total power of up to 3 W, load capacity up to 300 kg, maximum to unreal 65 km/h or drive around 60 – 70 kilometers.


The design of the BOYUEDA Electric Scooter is very unique, like a basic structure made of two steel tubes with full-body, much different from what we normally see in the traditional theatrical concept of electric scooters, the two independent thimble paddles, front shocks in the novel. Contains a steering structure, making it a highly recognized product. BOYUEDA’s battery is not designed under the chassis like many scooters, so it has a very unique design of the pedal part, an aluminum tube is the main body, with foldable footrests on both sides. Because there is no battery, the BOYUEDA scooter’s chassis is also higher than the average scooter’s, which means it has better maneuverability.

BOYUEDA Electric Scooter weighs around 30 kg and is made of aluminum. It has inflatable 10 ″ wheels (tires), range approximately 60 – 70 km, two 1 600 W engines, etc. 52V 18.2 Ah battery. It also has shock absorbers for a more comfortable ride, hydraulic brakes, and an electronic anti-theft system. Thanks to the waterproofness, you won’t be surprised by unexpected storms. The cables are precisely hidden under the covers, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them. Of course, the scooter can also be folded, so you can take it with you, for example, in the trunk of a car. In front there is strong double lighting, the so-called Angel eyes so turn signals. There are brake lights at the rear. Fancy lights are placed on the sides, which can shine in different colors.

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The BOYUEDA Electric Scooter has a power of up to 3 200 W if we count both engines together. But you can choose to drive both engines or one. Switch between the so-called You can use dual-drive and single-drive modes at any time. Exercise is really available. The maximum speed is around 65 km/h. But don’t forget about safety when riding such a powerful scooter. The manufacturer states the maximum incline that the scooter can handle – up to 45 degrees. You also get a seat for the scooter. The C-shaped torsion beam is complemented by high-quality shock absorbers that can effectively absorb shocks while driving on uneven surfaces.

The scooter is thus suitable for any terrain. For such a high performance, the proper brakes that the Boyueda Folding Electric Scooter has are also needed. At the front and rear, you will find hydraulic disc brakes with a quick response to the brake lever. Disc brakes contain two brake pads that press on the disc on both sides when braking. Boyueda C1 has an 18.2 Ah, 52 V Li-ion battery located at the bottom of the scooter. When fully discharged, you will charge it in approx. 3 hours with the enclosed 6 A charger.


The BOYUEDA Electric Scooter is perfect for city and off-road driving. The scooter has excellent characteristics – a powerful motor, a capacious battery, excellent suspension, and disc brakes. BOYUEDA Electric Scooter at an affordable price comes with everything necessary for a comfortable ride for a rider. We can buy it from Banggood at $1,199.99 in Flash Sale.


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