Breaking news! Meizu VR is coming to be rival of Letv and Xiaomi


VR Virtual Reality has become more and more popular, almost every manufacturer is planning to release it. So do cellphone manufacturer, now it’s turn to Meizu that will produce its first Meizu VR. We are very excited to hear this news. After Letv released LeVR COOL1 and Huawei VR, Meizu starts to be busy with its first Meizu VR finally.  As we know in the previous posts, Huawei show Honor VR glass and Honor V8 smartphone in its press conference. Letv also declared its LeVR COOL1, but Xiaomi just registered a micro blog.


In last article, we have introduced Huawei Honor VR before, there are two versions, one is complete version, the other is folding version, the complete Honor VR is built in Hi-fi, suitable for 0-700 degrees myopia. Folding version Honor VR can be made up by five honor v8 package. In the near future, Honor will cooperate with Youku to provide more VR videos.


Therefore, how about Meizu VR? Will it beat Huawei Honor VR with 2k screen? According to the news, Meizu has set up its laboratory to study VR virtual reality which will connect closely with Flyme system. It probably is new industry for them so they will start with VR glass. And Meizu is hiring VR engineer, if you are interested, why not have a try?


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