Brief Esports Guide: Dota Betting Explained


Among the most popular video games, Dota is probably the most striking one. No wonder that Dota betting has turned into a growing trend in the gaming industry.

The experience may be different from traditional esports betting. However, the strategy remains the same. At this point, it is crucial to understand the players’ strengths and weaknesses. At, you will need an objective approach to the betting routine to make accurate predictions.

If you consider trying your luck in Dota betting, you may need some additional information. Below, you will find everything you need to know about the game.

How Dota Betting Works

Similar to traditional sports, Dota betting involves making bets on the final result of a specific match, team, or tournament. However, the limitless results and regular new features can make Dota hardly predictable. This means that each bet can be as rewarding as the next one. The most common bets to place on Dota include:

  • Match Winner:You can bet on the team that has a winning potential according to your personal feelings and considerations.
  • Map Winner:You can bet on a particular Map number winner. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will become the final match winners.
  • Map Handicaps: You can bet on the score that is based on the number of match winnings. Let’s say that you bet on a team with a 1.5 handicap and they lose the game with1-2. Then, you will win the bet as it places the winner at 2.5 wins in total.
  • Final Score: In Dota events, the winner is often crowned in accordance with the final score. So, you can bet on the exact final score of the series.
  • First Blood: You can be on the team that will potentially draw the first blood. For example, which team will kill a player on the opposite team first.

During big Dota events, extra options also become accessible. For example, the most “the most played Hero” or “the longest Map”. Before or after the event, you can place the selected type of bet. Live betting can be incredibly interesting during big tournaments where many teams take part in. Although Dota can be highly unpredictable, it makes the whole routine even more exciting.

Dota 2 Predictions and Tips

Whatever strategy you use, you can’t have a 100% guarantee for a positive result. However, you can use some tricks to increase your chances of success. Here are some of them.

  • Understand the game. To bet on Dota, you should monitor the recorded matches of previous events. This will give you a chance to see how everything works in the game.
  • Research events.The best way to bet on Dota is in a live format because of the multiple factors affecting the odds at the last second. Check out when the main events occur and take action.
  • Know the Heroes. Among more than one hundred heroes offered by Dota developers, you will have to know all of them. This needs to be done to develop adequate expectations from each of them.
  • Follow teams. Whatever kind of bet you rely on, the final outcome relies on a team’s professionalism. Before the Dota event takes place, you should check out the teams and their performances. It’s worth choosing a couple of favorites and monitoring some live streams to determine their playstyle.
  • Check the odds. If you bet for the first time, you need to get a grasp of the game. If you want to take more risks, the odds will also determine the series’ underdog. You can combine bets to boost your odds. Also, you can always take a risk of gambling on the underdog.

Although these tips can’t guarantee you a positive result, they can make your way to success smoother. So, pay attention to every single aspect before going any further.


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