Buy Adult Kid Safety Life Jacket for just $16.99


When going on a boat cruise, traveling through water or fishing, you definitely need to wear a durable life jacket.  There several available life jackets on the market today of the Adult Kid Safety Life Jacket is one of them. Currently on eBay, this item can be purchased for a coupon price of $ 16.99. Obviously, there is no better time to get your hands on safety life jacket than now.

The Adult Kid Safety Life Jacket comes in six (6) exquisite colors options with decent design. These color options to choose from includes; Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green camouflage, and Orange camouflage. The size options for this jacket includes; Medium, Large, X- Large, XX large, and XXX Large.

As preferred choice of life jacket to buy, it is made of a lightweight EPE foam for lasting buoyancy, the buoyancy bearing weight is up to 243lbs. There are two reflective pads on shoulder region which makes your night fishing even more safer. It features three line buckles and an adjustable leg straps to connect life jacket with you tightly.  Most buyers fancy it as being a great companion for outdoor water activities, such as fishing, boating, surfing, drifting and etc.

Where To Buy:

The Adult Kid Safety Life Jacket is currently available for a coupon price of $16.99 on eBay.


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