Buy Best Anti-Dust Washable Face Mask (10Pcs) For Just 6.99 EUR at Ebay in Flash Sale


Are you now troubled by dust chemicals, smoke, and particles? Do you want to enjoy a free outdoor life? This Anti-Dust Face Mask with activated carbon filter will help you reduce the damage of your respiratory in the bad weather. Dustproof, Windproof, Waterproof, Breathable. Perfect for Cycling, Hiking, Running. It is your best choice!

Buy Anti-Dust Washable Face Mask (10Pcs) From Ebay

Face Mask Made of high-quality polyurethane materials, can filter small particles from the air. The masks are soft, pliable and breathable, ideal for people with skin sensitive allergies. Washable, use over and over. This mask can let air in easily and keeps moisture out, letting you breathe easier while keeping dust and other pollutants out.

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Elastic straps with hook are suitable for most adults to wear, even in the case of wearing glasses. 3D design, Best Size: 13 x 32cm design, slim and fit. The mask can be washed when they get dirty. Unique three-dimensional mesh filter structure and blocks 99% of dust and UV. Perfect for spring, summer, autumn and winter wear.

And ideal for non-sterile medical and dental procedures. Elastic loops fit comfortably over each ear. One size fits all. Professional masks are breathable and offer good ventilation. A pleated mask is lightweight. Pure and soft to provide comfortable extended wear. The Anti-Dust Face Mask is designed to protect your breathing from dirt, dust, and soil, making them ideal for painting and sanding. We can buy it from Ebay at 6.99 EUR (10Pcs) in Flash Sale

Buy Anti-Dust Washable Face Mask (10Pcs) From Ebay


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