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RDP stands for the remote desktop protocol. It was developed by the Microsoft to connect one computer with another using an internet connection protocol. It basically allows a user’s computer having a graphical interface to connect with another computer that also have graphical interface.

The computers are allowed to connect with each other the benefit of this method is that any IT technician can fix your issue without visiting your home. You can also connect to your personal computer at office with your pc at home.

To use the remote desktop protocol, you are required a stable internet connection as well as a third-party software that allows remote desktop protocol. Many companies allow remote working now a days and soon there will be a time when working from home will be encouraged more.

Before buying any rdp you must consider what and why you need it for example if you need it only for your private or personal use then team viewer will be best, so you should consider why you need it so you can buy rdp.

There are a large number of free and paid third party Remote desktop Software in the market but some of them are potentially unsafe for your privacy and sensitive data and some are not that good and efficient.

The most common and good remote desktop software that are reviewed best and are used mostly by big companies for remote working and also used by the consumers for personal use are ISL Online, LogMeIn, RemotePC, Chrome Remote Desktop, Zoho Assist, Parallels Access and TeamViewer.

RDP enables a computer to connect with another computer that has a graphical user interface that means it makes you able to communicate and handle as well as use a device while sitting anywhere with a remote internet connection.

Via anRDP you can work on different tools on another computer as well as you can copy and transfer file from that PC to your PC easily. You can also work on different files and reports that are present on that computer and the change you made on that PC with your PC will be saved permanently.

RDP is already designed and integrated into Microsoft windows operating systems but there are RDP alternatives available also for the IOS based devices. Meanwhile you can also use a third party or an open source tool for your work.

How does a Remote Desktop Protocol run?

In the remote desktop protocol several data types are connected, transferred and changed

with the help of multiple and different network stations and protocols. The users working on remote servers join different servers and usually the protocol or you might call it network interface that is used is 3389 for this task.

Using the Transmission control protocol (TCP) the screen is shared and all the keys that are pressed on your PC is copied and mimicked by the PC that is connected remotely to your PC. As you can see that this process is complex so sometimes slight delays occur in remote working due to network traffic and lagging.

The lag that usually occurs between the PC’s is usually a millisecond delay for example if you copy a text then may be a delay of second or 2 max might occur on the device attached remotely with your device.

Security Flaws in RDP

It looks very simple and efficient but there is a slight draw back to it as it has shown some security flaws during the past. Major problem is that Remote desktop protocol is not that safe and is quite vulnerable to the viruses and phishing attacks as well as malwares.

But the new and latest versions of RDP are improved and secured greatly by the windows as it is now end to end encrypted so it is a lot more secured then the previous versions of remote desktop protocol.


There are a lot of drawbacks as well as benefits of a RDP the first benefit is that you can use it without using a virtual proxy network (VPN) and you can use it to connect with your office desktop while you are sitting anywhere in this world.

The other benefit is that all your data that you worked on will be saved on your PC that is connected and no data is saved on online cloud database or servers so it means that you don’t have to worry about your data getting misused.

The drawback is that working with the RDP could be hell if the connection of internet is slow or there is line disturbance between the PC’s.

The biggest benefit of RDP is its screen sharing technology that allows the user to see the changes he is making in the background PC on his onscreen making it very accurate and error free.

There are 3 different types of RDP named as Remote desktop software (RDS), virtual private network (VPN) and the terminal server/citrix.

The remote desktop software is very suitable for the small-scale businesses. Some of them are free and some are paid but the paid ones allow up to 50 computers to utilise RDP. But the drawback is that the PC you want to connect with is turned off then as long as you don’t turn it on you cannot connect with it.

Some tools require the access permission before you can use them remotely with your PC. Virtual proxy network makes your IP address different so you can access the internet via different network protocol but the problem is that it greatly reduces the network download speed.

For example, if your connection has a internet bandwidth of 10mbps then it will be reduced to almost 5mbps that is the half of the original bandwidth.

The remote desktops use the terminal server law that means that you are creating a 3rd PC between your PC and the PC basically developing big PC that consists of all your work on internet.


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