Buy BEZIOR M26 Folding Electric Bike For Just $1,039.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


The BEZIOR M26 electric bicycle is one of the more robust ones. It can also carry 150 kg of people.‍ At first glance, the Bezior M26 looks like a completely ordinary bicycle. However, the body hides a large 10 Ah battery driving an electric motor capable of reaching and maintaining a speed of 35 km / h without your help.

Bezior M26 is a relatively successful e-bike suitable for both classic roads and more demanding terrain. It can hold you everywhere thanks to the presence of a 500W motor and a maximum speed of 35 km / h. You don’t even have to worry about the battery, which offers 48V / 10Ah and the whole bike weighs 30 kilograms. Nevertheless, it is easy to carry / transport if necessary, as it can be folded at speed. The 4 driving modes, which are selected according to the current situation, will then take care of a flawless ride. For example, you have a choice of a purely electric mode for easy driving, or on the contrary, you can choose the option where you drive for yourself and the engine will not help you in any way.

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Of course, the Bezior M26 also has an integrated display on the handlebars; where you can always see the most necessary information. Specifically, you can immediately see information about errors, current speed, battery status, gear engaged and distance traveled. The screen is then also controlled using the buttons on the left handlebar grip. There is also a front, sufficiently high-quality, and strong light for driving in the evening or at night, which can illuminate the space two meters in front of you to ensure safe driving.

The combination of a powerful engine and a high-quality battery then ensures a flawless ride on various roads; where the bike can easily cope with the classic asphalt road; a stone road, cobblestones, or grass, and even manages up to 25 ° inclines. As is the standard today, there is also the suspension of the front and rear forks; which can be adjusted according to the current surface. Thanks to this, you don’t have to worry with this bike that a trip on stones, for example, would be inconvenient for you. The size of the wheels is 26 ″ and offers quality disc brakes.

The first-class Bezior M26 e-bike is now available at a discounted price, where you can buy it for only $1,049.99 instead of the original $1299.99. But to make matters worse, we bring you an additional exclusive discount code, which will save you another $10. In total, the bike can cost you only $1,039.99. To apply the discount, don’t forget to enter the discount code GKB689S at the checkout; which will automatically reduce your price.


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