Buy The ALLDOCUBE M5X 10.1 inches 4GB RAM 64GB ROM For $179.99 @Gearbest


Alldocube, previously known as CUBE is a popular budget smartphone and tablets brand from China. The very latest M5X tablet has large 10-inch panel and a  SIM slot for 4G connectivity, so you will always be online with this mobile gear. Take a look at its specs and see for yourself what this inexpensive device is capable of.

Buy ALLDOCUBE M5X tablet at $179.99

Although Alldocube M5X definitely belongs to budget devices, it works great in many tasks and you won’t certainly complain about its performance. The combination of a Deca Core Mediatek 6797X processor and 4 GB RAM allows for smooth operation in multitasking, and at the same time this hardware is quite energy efficient. The tablet is even referred to as “gaming device” and despite not having flagship hardware, this is not an exaggeration, because you can easily run the latest online games and have a great fun playing on large, 10-inch screen.

The tablet works under Android and although the manufacturer has not announced the upgrade to the latest version of this operating system so far, we can probably expect an update sooner than later. High-speed network connectivity is provided by the combination of two-channel WiFi 2.4 5 GHz, as well as 4G operating in seven modes and 15 frequencies. Just plug in SIM card and get the internet access wherever you are. Large JDI 10-inch screen provides a wide angle view, smooth refresh rate, as well as a perfectly reproduced colors. It can display the images at a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600 px, so the games will look super sharp and the video is extremely clear, with no blurring. The Mali graphics chipset is clocked at 875 MHz, which is a sufficient speed for the smooth 3D decoding. We therefore definitely recommend this tablet for Netflix, Youtube, mobile gaming or social media.

The tablet also has very good cameras for its price: 5.0MP on the back and 2.0MP on the back. They are therefore suitable not only for video calls, but also for taking decent pictures, at least in a good lighting conditions. They might not perform well at night, but they can totally replace your smartphone cameras for typical holiday pics or Facebook selfies. M5X is definitely worth the purchase, especially that it has a powerful 6600 mAh battery, ensuring a long work on a single charge. It also uses the energy-saving features of Android and CPU architecture, so you will get many hours of fun without recharging this gear. A truly mobile device that you can take with you anywhere you go!

The wide bezels are definitely a certain flaw – but consider it’s not a premium class equipment but a budget tablet, so some compromises regarding the quality are perfectly understandable. There is also some good sound quality here, with Hi-Fi stereo speakers. If you want to connect external sound system just use the Bluetooth 4.2 interface which has an above-average range, stable reception and is not subject to interference. Alldocube M5X is simply top dog for multimedia and games, with big battery, available at an exceptional price. It’s hard to find better (and cheaper) 10-inch tablet now. It might not have the latest design and on top of that it feels quite bulky, but if the flashy looks doesn’t matter much to you, M5X is really good choice.

In view of its characteristics, the Alldocube M5X can be a very valid option for any type of user, especially when we talk about the price. Currently, you can get in Gearbest, com “flash offer” for only $179.99. Undoubtedly, and in view of its specifications, this is a tablet with a quality/price ratio certainly attractive, very complete and suitable for all types of public.

Buy ALLDOCUBE M5X tablet at $179.99

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