Buy TIANQU VISUO XS816 Dual Cameras RC Drone For Just $52.99 at Gearbest in Flash Sale


TIANQU VISUO XS816 is the star of cheap drones, so far it was probably the best choice if you wanted to taste the droning experience at a cheap price. Now here is the offspring, which has improved in several respects, starting with not one but two cameras! But the biggest benefit is perhaps the 20-minute flight time and the almost $52.99 low price. Its features include Follow Me, optical positioning with a second camera on the bottom and much more.

The TIANQU VISUO XS816 has all the necessary functions for today: transferring FPV video via Wi-Fi, Headless mode, auto return to the take-off point, three modes of consumables. The quadcopter also knows how to reset the settings to the factory state – all you need to do is to press just one button. This feature is useful for beginners, who often, unwittingly, make changes to the settings of the device, worsening its flight qualities.

The communication range with the console is about 100 meters, but if there are obstacles, it can drop to 50 meters – keep this in mind when flying around buildings or trees. FPV-image is confidently transmitted at a distance of 50 meters, after which noise and delays appear.

One of the strengths of the XS816 is a high capacity battery (1800mAh), which lasts for 20 minutes of flight! Perhaps, among quadcopters of this size and price range, this is a record. At the same time, the battery fully charges in just one hour. As for the control panel, it is powered by four AA batteries (they are not included in the kit, so you will need to purchase them separately).

The TIANQU VISUO XS816 is a quadrocopter with a camera, a 6-axis gyroscope, and a robust case. This model is well suited for beginners who want to learn how to manage the drones, and thanks to the beautiful design and war paint will be able to attract the attention and more experienced pilots.

As for the camera, there is nothing new here: the usual 720P photo module with a wide-angle lens. It is quite enough for flying by FPV, but to remove something highly artistic will not work. If you do not have the right instinct for cheap quadcopters without stabilization, then the TIANQU VISUO XS816 for $52.99 on could be the perfect alternative. The cheap quadcopter is stabilized accordingly by means of a lower camera and should, therefore, be easy to fly despite the low price.


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