Buy Xiaomi 1More E1026BT TWS Earphone at $62.99 & Smart4U Upgraded SH50 Smart Helmet at $45.99 From Banggood (+Coupon)


Xiaomi 1More E1026BT the first in its line of fully wireless True Wireless headphones, A dynamic 7mm speaker with a titanium composite diaphragm for a balanced bass and exquisite details. It produces crystal clear sound in an ultra-compact design for greater efficiency. And Nowadays, many city workers choose to ride bicycles because of traffic jams or because they want to exercise. Helmets are one of the most important things in cycling. Today, I want to introduce a smart helmet called Xiaomi Smart4U Upgraded SH50 Smart Helmet.

Xiaomi 1More E1026BT TWS Earphone

Xiaomi 1More E1026BT TWS Earphone has 7-mm dynamic driver with a titanium composite diaphragm is responsible for the high-quality sound of the headphones, which allows the headphones to provide decent detail throughout the frequency range. In the right earpiece are a microphone and a call answer button. Moreover, the microphone itself has a noise reduction system for transmitting a clear voice to your interlocutor. On the left earpiece is the composition control while listening to music. A unique feature of the headphones is 2 separate Bluetooth modules, which is very convenient when using one (right) headphone as a wireless Bluetooth headset. Included with the headphones comes a proprietary case with a built-in battery, which will provide 3 additional charges for the 1More Stylish True Wireless. On one charge, the headphones will be able to listen to music and talk on the phone for 2.5 hours. We can grab it at $62.99 with 10% off by using Coupon Code: BG1mtws until May 31st

Buy Xiaomi 1More E1026BT TWS Earphone at $62.99

Xiaomi Smart4U Upgraded SH50 Smart Helmet

This Xiaomi Smart4U Upgraded SH50 Smart Helmet is made of EPS foam, which breaks to protect the head when the helmet receives an impact. The shell is made from bulletproof PC material that can absorb 95% of the impact force. A molding technology makes the foam and dispersion Shell PC close together so that it is more uniform than the impact force to protect the head. Specially designed for cycling enthusiasts. It is not a simple helmet, but a smart helmet. Xiaomi Smart 4U Smart Helmet’s greatest feature is that it has an automatic light-sensitive warning lamp, which consists of seven high-brightness LED lights. It can be automatically opened or standby according to the intensity of the light environment. The visible distance is more than 180 meters, which provides a safety guarantee for night riding. And its lighting module is not single, can switch a variety of lighting modes at one click, very cool. At the same time, it has 180 hours standby time, 36 hours long endurance, and magnetic charging interface is very convenient. In addition, Xiaomi Smart 4U Smart Helmet adopts integral molding technology, PC material, the high-density foam used in the inner shell, and the impact resistance is very good. Good workmanship, durability and security, and IPX4 level waterproof capability. In addition, automatic brake warning and automatic shutdown functions are added to the high-profile smart helmet. When the built-in sensor monitors the deceleration of the bicycle, the rear LED taillights will be highlighted to warn the rear vehicles. We can grab it at $45.99 with 34% off by using Coupon Code: BGSH01 until June 31st

Buy Xiaomi Smart4U Upgraded SH50 Smart Helmet at $45.99


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