Buy Xiaomi Oclean Z1 Ultrasonic Toothbrush For Just $39.99 at Gearbest Until Mid-Nov (First 1,000 Buyers)


The smart devices that we surround ourselves with every day are constantly increasing and toothbrushes are among the most important ones, for our oral hygiene, and interesting, thanks to new technologies. Oclean is one of the most advanced Chinese manufacturers, which has been offering ultrasonic toothbrushes for a long time, which have many advantages over the “traditional” rotary electric toothbrushes, first of all, a greater cleaning between the teeth, a reduction of plaque and less bleeding of the gums. Oclean Z1, the new toothbrush of the company, uses ultrasonic technology with a motor that operates at 40,000 rpm and ensures sufficient strength to ensure perfect cleaning.

Buy Oclean Z1 Ultrasonic Toothbrush For Just $39.99

The six-axis gyroscope is able to correctly recognize the 8 brushing areas, indicating through the companion app which areas are properly cleaned and which have been neglected.

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The interchangeable head of Oclean Z1 uses DuPont bristles, to guarantee the excellent quality of the product and it is possible to select different cleaning intensities or particular modalities in case of pathologies or bad eating habits. There are 15 plans to choose from and if no one adapts to the user’s needs it is possible to create new and customized ones.

The 800 mAh battery guarantees about 30 days of autonomy with two daily sessions of two minutes, respecting the advice of dentist doctors. Charging occurs magnetically via a charging included in the sales package, while the level of residual charge can be displayed on the LED segment or through the companion app, available for free on the Play Store of Google.

From today until November 14, you can buy Oclean Z1 for $39.99 on Gearbest. From mid-November the price will rise to just over 45 euros, so you should hurry up as it could be an interesting gift idea, for Christmas and not only. We also remind you that the first 1,000 buyers will receive a free top-up base, then an additional head will be donated. For all also a discount voucher for subsequent purchases of Oclean products.

Buy Oclean Z1 Ultrasonic Toothbrush For Just $39.99


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