Buy Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 with 1 Year Battery Life For Just $12.99 (Coupon Deal)


In 2017, Xiaomi released the Mi Wireless Mouse, which immediately became a hit. Now the company launched the second generation mouse, which has become even better and cheaper. The Xiaomi recently launched in China its new wireless mouse Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2. Like other Xiaomi products, this new wireless mouse also applies a minimalistic design, giving users a comfortable feel to use.

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Buy Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 offered for $12.99

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 has just come with a modern optical sensor with a resolution of 1,000 dpi, so it can accurately locate the position that users need to point when moving quickly. In addition, Xiaomi has made a simple design upgrade with this second-generation wireless mouse. Specifically, Wireless Mouse 2 uses asymmetrical design and so that users can easily use the mouse through the left or right hand. It also has an aluminum alloy roller and the surface of the product is sandblasted and anodized. Wireless Mouse 2 also has a delicate texture that ensures that it doesn’t slip out of the user’s hands even when sweating.

Just like the first-generation wireless mouse from the company, this one too is using the 2.4GHz wireless frequency. It comes with a removable battery design so that the battery can be replaced by opening the upper cover. The company claims that the battery can provide one year of usage. Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 has two color options, Black and White.

The great news is found in its ultra-quiet push buttons. A novel mechanism that guarantees a smooth pulsation without producing practically any kind of annoying “click”. For its connection with the computer, it makes use of a small USB receiver compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux systems. Inside we find an optical sensor capable of reaching 1,000dpi of precision. In turn, it has 2.4G Wireless connectivity (125Hz) capable of reaching 10 meters away, powered by an AA battery that is housed inside.

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Buy Xiaomi Wireless Mouse 2 offered for $12.99


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