Buy Zhiyun Cinepeer C11 3-axis Smartphone Handheld Gimbal For Just $89 at Gearbest in Flash Sale


Zhiyun Cinepeer C11 is an entry-level smartphone stabilizer with sophisticated features and design. As a videography partner with great value for money, it incorporates multiple modes for video creation and is easy for beginners to use. Overall, it is a perfect gimbal for professional filmmakers and amateurs, allowing you to explore unlimited possibilities that you can achieve with your smartphone. Also, Visit on Gearbest 11.11 Sale

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The feature-rich Cinepeer C11 3-axis smartphone handheld gimbal stabilizer has gone up for sale bearing a considerably lowered price as part of its global launch on Gearbest. The Cinepeer C11 3 would normally set you back $119, but much to the relief of those on a tight budget, it is now available for only $89 on the Chinese online store. This is a noteworthy 25 percent reduction in the device’s original asking price. An absolute steal at this price, the Cinepeer C11 Gimbal Stabilizer can be deemed as an entry-level smartphone stabilizer that boasts advanced features and adopts a sophisticated design.

An ideal videography partner, Cinepeer C11 offers multiple modes for recording videos, which comes in handy for a novice video shooter. Aside from being a great choice for beginners, the C11 is perfect for professional filmmakers who are willing to explore the vast possibilities that can be achieved with your smartphone. The main features of the Cinepeer C11 gimbal stabilizer include its ability to minimize shaky footage, and ease of switching between landscape and portrait. Moreover, it comes with four filming options including the Following mode, Lock mode, Full Following mode, and POV mode.

Other equally exciting features are dolly zoom, timelapse / motion lapse / hyperlapse, panorama, object tracking, two-way charging, ergonomic grip, superior quality materials, coupled with exquisite workmanship, and ZY Play app. You can click here to visit the promotion page by clicking here and check out more details about the Zhiyun Cinepeer C11 gimbal stabilizer before placing your order. With over a hundred pieces sold at the time of writing, this promo is slated to end in 13 days. The global launch time will be from November 4th to December 4th, while this flash sale will come to an end on December 4th. Also, Visit on Gearbest 11.11 Sale

Buy Zhiyun Cinepeer C11 3-axis Smartphone Handheld Gimbal at $89.99


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