BYINTEK R19 1080P Projector Now Offered at $499.99 [Coupon Inside]


The new Byintek R19 projector is nothing more than a more sophisticated continuation of the UFO projector line, The brightness margin of up to 700 ANSI lumens, according to the manufacturer, allows you to reproduce a picture up to 300 inches in size. At the same time, the projector has compact dimensions, pre-installed Android OS, and a full set of ports and connectors.

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Byintek R19 comes with a Light minimalist design, somewhat reminiscent of the console. On the front side, there are RGB 3LED optics, a corrugated surface for better sound distribution from the built-in stereo system, and an infrared port window. The side of the projector is also completely devoted to the needs of the audio system. It boasts a two-fold zoom and manual and automatic focus adjustment or image alignment (focus).


The Byintek R19 projector is designed especially for home cinema lovers. Turn on the projector, relax and enjoy a realistic 3D experience that enables great 3D effects that you can see in 3D movies. The exceptional DLP chip with superior contrast and pleasing to the eyes – LED patented and award-winning projection technology contains millions of microscopic mirrors that work so fast that they can project one image for each eye, making your 3D experience even more realistic. The basic resolution of the projector is 1280 × 800, it plays an LED RGB image, which can be projected up to a maximum size of up to 300M).

HiFi Speaker

BYINTEK R19 projector is equipped with a powerful dual stereo HiFi speaker (5Wx2), delivering louder tones, precise highs, and powerful bass. Just as you enjoy the VIP theater at home, very suitable for home theater, party, or camping entertainment in a relatively dark environment.

Android System

The advanced smart Android operating system fully supports Google Play, and Chromecast and brings you a brand new smart experience. Google Play offers great content, apps, and games on your TV. Play movies and TV shows, listen to music, play Android games, use Youtube, Facebook, email or just browse the web browser on the biggest screen in your home.

Long Life

If you use it 5 hours a day, you will be able to use the projector for even more than 10 years, as the estimated lifetime of the LED lamp is 30,000 hours without maintenance. Wireless remote control is included, which can also be used as a mouse for complete control over the projection.


The Byintek R19 features ultra-fast direct wireless connectivity 2.4G/5G dual-band WiFi and advanced wireless Bluetooth connection, which enable wireless connectivity with a wide range of devices such as computers, printers, smartphones, tablets, headphones, external speakers, keyboards, HDMI input devices, and on and on…endless possibilities.

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Where To Buy

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Coupon Code: CL632DHSMUQ8

Buy BYINTEK R19 on AliExpress


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