CACGO K89 – A round smartwatch at a low price (Coupon included)


CACGO K89 is an other round smartwatch at a low price, which is in presales right now till 21st of September. Why should you choose this one instead of others….!? I’ll show you!

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CACGO K89 is equipped with heart rate monitor. Through the monitor you can record your heartbeats on a dynamic or static state so that you can understand your healthy condition at anytime. By lifting your wrist, you will notice that the screen lights up.

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CACGO K89 has multiple UI and you can arbitrarily change the interface according to your mood. The smartwatch is equipped with large capacity battery. A 300mAh polymer battery, will give ultra-long using time! It has charging time about 2hours and standby time about 4 – 5 Days.

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CACGO K89 supports Information pushing. You can push information from SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, E-mail, real-time weather condition, etc. It has built-in loudspeaker, so you can use it as a hands-free to answer the call. You can also remotely control  music and camera. By this way you  can listen to music or take photos by Bluetooth 4.0 control over the phone, enjoying your leisure time. You wont ever lose you mobile again, as it will help you find it. Other helpful functions are sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, pedometer, phonebook, calendar, voice recorder, calculator, Heart rate monitor, etc.

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K89 is equipped with MTK2502  chip, 128MB of RAM and 64MB of ROM. It has IPS screen, with screen resolution 240 x 240 and screen size 1.2 inch. It is supported as operating mode, press button and touch screen.

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CACGO K89 is equipped with stainless steel band or from leather for more serious look.

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You can grab CACGO K89 at a lower price using our coupon GB9% so the price will become after it $41.36


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