Can Xiaomi MiBand 1s Wrist Strap Use for MiBand 2?


Recently, Xiaomi has released Xiaomi Miband 2, it has increased OLED display and up to 20 days battery life. Besides, its wrist strap has anti-lost design to make its users of Miband 1s very admirable. But there is a good question, can Xiaomi MiBand 1s Wrist Strap Use for MiBand 2?

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According to its leader, Xiaomi miband 2 strap can not be compatible with Miband 1s. Because Xiaomi Miband 2 has larger dimensions than that of MIBAND 1S. In addition, the mi button of miband 1s can not be put into Xiaomi Miband 2. It has avoided the risk for anti lost of Mi button.



Therefore, most users of Miband 1s will be very disappointed to hear this news. Anyway, will you abandon your Miband 1s to choose Xiaomi Miband 2. You can also enjoy Miband 2 review before making decision.


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