Can You Watch Netflix On An Android Phone?


Netflix is an extremely popular way to watch documentaries, TV shows and movies by either streaming or by downloading to your device. In 2020 more people signed up than ever and streaming shows on demand is now seen by many as the way TV will be viewed in the future. 

What devices are used for Netflix?

The streaming service is available on a range of devices from gaming consoles to tablets, TVs, set-top boxes and computers. Most people sign up on a computer initially but they choose which devices they are likely to use at this stage and then will more than likely watch on a television.

What is the most popular way to watch Netflix?

Television remains by far the most popular way to watch the service. 70% or so of users view their entertainment this way. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to watch Netflix though and sometimes it is far more convenient to use a mobile device. 

Best ways to watch Netflix on a smartphone

If you have an Android phone then you can watch Netflix through the dedicated app which is easy to find on the Google Play store. Some phones may have small screens but due to the high resolution of most phones these days it is actually easy to watch most shows and movies comfortably this way. The best phones for Netflix may not necessarily be the most expensive. All you need is a clear screen and Netflix compatibility. 

What are the benefits of watching on a smartphone?

Whether you have an Apple or Android phone it is likely that you carry it with you so you already know how easy it is to slip into your pocket or bag. They connect to WiFi hotspots easily and also you can use mobile data for the internet too.

Combining the mobility and internet access makes them perfect for watching Netflix on the go. You could be on a train travelling across Thailand or the States watching a movie in the middle of the night. Or your children can enjoy cartoons together in the back of the car while heading toward the shopping mall. 

Downloading movies and content

Another benefit of having Netflix is being able to download entertainment in advance. If you are going somewhere where there is no internet reception then you can download a certain amount of the content from Netflix onto your phone or other mobile device ready for you to watch later.

Using Chromecast

Chromecast by Google lets you use your smartphone to control the entertainment in your home. If you already have a Chromecast setup and are connected to Wi-Fi, download the Netflix app and create a profile and open it on your phone. Go to the Netflix website and sign in with your profile, which is used to stream your content. Open the Netflix app on your phone and stream the shows and movies from your Android phone to the TV. 

Interactive content

Netflix says that certain interactive content will be available on Android soon, but will depend on the Android version you run, it will vary between versions of the Netflix app. Netflix recommends that if you stream content in HD, make sure your Android phone has been updated to the latest version. 

Using for the phone to hotspot

There may be times when your phone isn’t quite up to the job but can still be used to get Netflix running. For example you are camping with a few friends and want to watch a movie. Your friend has a tablet but it doesn’t have a SIM and there is no WiFi around. Simple. Set your Android phone up as a hotspot and download the Netflix app onto the friend’s tablet. Login with your details and now you can watch a movie on a bigger screen in the middle of nowhere!

Adding friends

Depending on which subscription you take out you can add other friends to your account. You can put family on or your best friends and then they can watch shows on their smartphones or other devices too. 

Using the smartphone with Netflix overseas

When you login to Netflix it looks at your IP address to ascertain your location. It then sends you to your local Netflix site. Some countries do not have a service yet and others receive theirs from nearby regions. When you login overseas you will get different content. This can be used to your advantage without leaving home. If you are in the US and want to watch UK comedies unavailable to you you can use a VPN to watch them. 


Smartphones may not be the most popular way to watch Netflix but they provide a very convenient way to watch in any location with ease.


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