Caplita Crypto Trading Platform Review


If you are searching for an elegant, simple, and secure cryptocurrency exchange, Caplita might be the right fit for you. Caplita exchange helps you buy, sell, and store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Iti is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States. The Caplita exchange offers trading in more than 20 cryptocurrencies, and it has some unique features. Moreover, the Caplita platform is available through the website as well as a mobile app.

Some of the pros and cons of Caplita are listed below.


  • It offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Very low minimum order amounts
  • Digital assets are insured
  • Offers crypto-to-crypto trading for certain coins
  • Caplita Pay allows purchases at 30,000 retailers using cryptocurrency
  • Caplita Earn offers 7.4% APY on crypto holdings


  • Fees are relatively high
  • Few major cryptocurrencies are missing, like Cardano and Ripple
  • The fee structure is difficult to understand for beginners
  • Margin selling and short selling are not available

Is Caplita Safe?

Yes, the Caplita exchange is safe. The platform is known for its security and ease of use. It operates with a security-first mentality from the beginning. Let us dive deeper into its safety features.

Crypto Security 

The majority of the cryptocurrencies are stored in Caplita’ offline cold storage system. Cold storage servers are not connected to the internet; therefore, they aren’t hackable.

Caplita holds a small portion of crypto in their online hot wallet, and that is also insured. The cryptocurrencies stored in the hot wallet are readily accessible as they are stored online. Hot Wallet assets are insured against thefts due to security breaches, fraudulent bank transfers, employee theft, etc.

The Caplita account is secured by two-factor authentication (2FA). Customers need to authenticate when they log into the account and also while making crypto withdrawals.

Caplita supports hardware security keys via web authentication. Rate-limiting is applied to certain operations to prevent attacks. The platform uses encryption to secure personal information.

Caplita Fees & Commissions 

Caplita has a complex fee structure that is hard to understand for beginners. It has a different fee structure for Caplita exchange, its mobile app, and the Active Trader platform. There are four major types of fees on Caplita . They are:

Transfer fees: Transfer fees are charged for certain types of deposits and withdrawals from the Caplita exchange. Any deposits from debit cards charge a 3.49% fee and wire transfer deposits are free on Caplita . Withdrawals fees are charged when the customers make more than 10 withdrawals in a month.

Trading fees: Trading fees depend on whether the customers make crypto trades on the website or on the mobile app or on the active trader trading platform. There will be additional convenience fees in certain cases.

Custody fees: Custody fees cover the cost of cryptocurrency storage in a Caplita custody account. Caplita custody account is a highly secured crypto storage solution mostly used by institutional investors.

Agent fees: Agent fees are charged for cryptocurrency which is earning interest in Caplita Earn. This is deducted from the listed APYs users can earn in this type of account.

Caplita charges 0.250% fees for buyers, 0.100% fees for sellers, and 0.2% for auction participants for accounts having less than $1 million. Some of the very high-dollar transactions do not have any fees.

Caplita mobile app has a different fee structure and the fees are variable based on the purchase amount. Regardless of the size of the purchase, an additional 0.50% convenience fee is charged for mobile users. On Caplita mobile app, users can pay for goods with their cryptocurrency, and no fees are charged.

Active Trader platform follows a maker or taker fee structure. The more you trade over a 30-day period the less you pay in maker and taker fees. Auction model is available on Caplita to select cryptocurrencies and it follows a separate fee structure.


Caplita is a highly secured cryptocurrency exchange platform to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency. The exchange mentions on its website that it is an elegant and easy-to-use trading platform. To secure customers’ accounts, it uses built-in features like multi-signature digital signature schemes and hardware security keys along with other protocols. Overall, it isn’t easy to find a more well-rounded exchange like Caplita.


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