Carbon Dioxide Detector Review – Useful CO2 Meter with Storagecase at $88.99 From TOMTOP


We all know that air is an indispensable part of our lives. The quality of air is affecting our body and mind, but the air is colourless and tasteless, we can’t measure it with the eyes. At this time, we need an air tester to help to monitor the air quality. This Carbon dioxide detector senses the presence, and usually the concentration, of CO2, a potentially dangerous gas common in the natural environment and in many commercial and industrial processes.

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Carbon dioxide detector Compact and portable, easy to operate and to carry around with you. Suitable for a public site, agriculture, animal husbandry, industry, and more. The detector comes with 3.2-inch TFT full-colour display: Display of date, time, CO2, humidity, temperature (switchable (° C / ° F)); the brightness of the backlight can be adjusted; it can store up to 999 data groups and has a history chart for historical data.

The Carbon dioxide detector helps you keep track of the air quality in an indoor environment. It gathers information such as room temperature, humidity etc. to make sure you are in the best possible condition. Low humidity levels can cause skin irritation and difficulty in breathing; while high humidity levels can lead to fungi and dust mites. If you are exposed to bad air quality for long periods of time; you will face the risks of an increase in home pollutants like mould, bacteria and even life-threatening diseases.

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Carbon dioxide detector indoor air quality meter is smart, compact and easy-to-use. In addition to measuring the CO2 concentration, dioxide detector can also measure the ambient temperature and the relative humidity (CO2+THI+Temp.+RH). This product is developed to detect the presence of CO2 in ambient air and help people; to take care of Indoor Air Quality. The detector can widely use in the office building, school, exhibition hall, shopping mall, meeting room; fitness centre, restaurant and other public places where personal comfort, healthy is important.


The Carbon dioxide detector has the characteristics of temperature, humidity, tendency chart, 999 groups of the data record, 3.2″ TFT full-colour display, with alarm setting, a data record of time interval measurement, real-time date and time display, chargeable lithium battery or separate external USB charging, use life of sensor ≥8000 hours and stable data. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $88.99 in Flash Sale.

Buy Carbon dioxide detector From TOMTOP


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