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0– depository of online gambling news, guides, blogs and reviews for India. Since 2018 we’ve been providing gamers with the tools they need to get the most out of playing online. When it comes to online casinos, we only work with the best of the best. So players can sit back and relax knowing that every site featured on is a top-class casino.

Our dedicated and award-winning team has years of experience in the online gambling industry and is familiar with casinos. This familiarity and knowledge allow us to put together some of the most detailed casino guides and reviews on the internet.

Introduction to Online Casinos

The internet casino experience is different from real life gaming and can be a little intimidating to newbies. However, Casinoid site has some useful guides that will answer common questions about casinos, take away your concerns, and encourage you to play.

Are Online Casinos Safe?

All legal online casinos are heavily regulated and security is the main concern in the licensing process. Any casino that has a proper license in the EU shows that it has the tools and the ability to keep your personal and financial information safe and to conduct financial transactions safely. For those looking for more information on this, each of our reviews has a section devoted to the safety of the casino.

How do deposits and withdrawals work in online casinos?

Credit cards, bank transfers and many other digital payment services can be used in almost all online casinos. Some casinos even use payment methods such as Bitcoin, which are currently more niche. At the same time, new means of payment for the cell phone are emerging.

What types of games can be played in online casinos?

Almost all of the popular games that you might be familiar with from the world of real casinos have also made it into the digital space. Experienced players should therefore have no problems finding their favorite games. Whether these are slots (many of which are even only available online), table games, or even card games like poker, there are a number of great options available on the internet. A detailed review of dozen of popular casino games can be found on Casinoid’s games page.

Does evaluate other offers besides casinos?

Definitely! There is more to gambling than traditional online casinos and we at know that. That is why we offer reviews and explanations for both casino-related products and those that do not fall directly into this category. In the casino related categories, we also rate sports betting hubs, mobile casinos, poker rooms, and live dealer casinos operated by the same casinos that we rate.

Products like bingo and lottery that have nothing to do with casinos also have a place on our site. Additionally, we evaluate certain slots and guides for bitcoin gambling, casino laws, casino licenses, casino games, and more. We also offer you news and strategy articles from the world of gambling. This keeps players up to date and well informed before they start the game. All of this makes a complete package for casino enthusiasts.

How are ratings compiled at

At we have an extensive team of talented reviewers with years of casino experience so we can provide an unparalleled view of the ins and outs of casino gaming. We have developed a rating format that allows us to address the most important aspects of the quality of an online casino.

To summarize each of these aspects, our reviewers spend time delving into a page and exploring every nook and cranny they can find. As a result, they are not only familiar with how the site works, but also with the company behind it through further research on the Internet.

When it comes to functionality and gameplay, we test games in many different categories. This gives us first-hand impressions of how the game is going – and can pass them on to the consumers. Our combination of practical use of the site and careful research of the online casinos and the companies behind them allow us to provide readers with reviews that are comprehensive and informative.


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