Casio EX-FR200 with 360-degree camera and “split” design Announced


360 degree camera is not rare right now, but Casio has released Casio EX-FR200 camera combines more funny designs.  Because it’s known that Gopro, Samsung, Facebook have also released 360 degree cameras before. So Casio will not fall behind. How about Casio EX-FR200?


The most feature of EX-FR200 is that it can be removable in its camera units, the whole body consists of camera unit and body unit, providing 13.4mm fish eye lens angle. And a camera body controls two separate lens/sensor units which is waterproof, freeze-proof, and impact resistant.


It’s said Casio EX-FR200 camera can shoot photos in four configuration, they are circular fisheye look at 3,888 × 3,888 pixels,7,456 × 1,864-pixel panorama, 208-degree, ultra wide angle mode,  and full 360 degrees only enters into the equation when two such lenses are placed back to back using a special mount accessory.


In addition, EX-FR200 is equipped with 4K video taking function,  it is scheduled to launch in September. So are you looking forward to this new funny camera?


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