Cell Phone Spy Software Programs And The Law


Concerns about the lawful use of mobile phone spy software programs are a huge worry for some people right now. People are confused and actually get deceived in a way by the software providers and their advertising models.

Spying on a spouse or significant other as an example is not actually lawful most of the time. This article will help you to understand how you can use this software in legal ways.

As usual the law has never been simple to understand not to mention follow, rather you have to make certain checks yourself. I am not a legal professional, but I do have experience with these spy apps. Please check the laws in your country or state before considering using these software products.
The use of commercial spy apps has grown massively and the market is full of many different apps making all sorts of wild claims. At the heart of this is the fact that although these apps are technically legal, you can’t just use them on any target!

Spy apps do have a very useful role when used responsibly. Their main use is aimed at monitoring kids online and here they can be great tools. Good quality spy apps can monitor almost all activity taking place on a smartphone.

Worried parents can check their kids text messages, emails, see where they are and what social media apps they are using – even hack into Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram to read their messages. They are incredibly powerful if used properly.

Let’s look at some problems with how these apps can be marketed and I’ll explain the basics of the legal issues.

 Spot Shady Advertizing

A close inspection of some spy app web pages will uncover their disclaimer, clearing them if you’re caught using their products in an criminal way. Reasonable enough I suppose although do you know the law within your country?
Privacy laws and regulations change from location to location but they will often have one common theme. Check out some basic recommendations to help keep you safe and legal.

 Some Fundamental Guidelines

You must own and also have appropriate power over the mobile phone you plan to install a spy app on. This is pretty obvious; you are unable to install these apps on just anyone’s cell phone. Of course if you have bought the phone for your own child to use you will be the legal owner.

Be careful though, the next section here should rule out buying your spouse or significant other a phone and then using the software.

You will need to notify any adult user of the phone that it is in fact being monitored – anyone considered an adult in law. Of course this aspect was created to defend people’s right to privacy so you should honor it. You could use the software program in a mobile phone you give to them but only when you let them know it is monitored.

 Ignore the False Hype  

You could wonder how would you “catch a cheating spouse” as it is frequently advertised. You can get your husband or wife a mobile and then install spy phone software but you will need to tell them it has monitoring software on it and you’re able to read their messages and in some cases monitor their phone calls.

Bet you can see some possible problems with this scenario! The fact remains that you cannot achieve this lawfully. People often prefer to take their chances and then break the law but the software firm is usually safe simply because you have in effect agreed to the terms and conditions.

Legally Using Monitoring Programs  

In my view, the best and most moral option to use this kind of software might be to keep track of your children’s mobile phones. You are lawfully and morally responsible for their safety after all. You could track where they are and also monitor their mobile and internet use by setting up this spy software.

You do not have to continually go through their texts or listen closely to their phone calls but when you have any reason to be concerned you will have the capability to carry out a swift check on what they are doing. Peace of mind for the mothers and fathers – and safety for the kids.

Another great use is for overseeing business cell phones. For this to be done legally it must first of all be a company cell phone – not their personal mobile! You then have to notify the worker that the cellphone will be monitored by software.

Simply telling them this will likely eliminate most unwanted use. You can save a lot of money by reduction of unwanted use such as private phone calls and on-line browsing or Twitter and Facebook. It is your time after all and it costs you money if they are not working.

When it comes to staff cell phone monitoring you will have the additional benefits such as tracking the mobile phone. Now you can determine if they have been where they are supposed to be during the course of working hours. Be careful to keep things lawful and honest. Once they find out they have been spied on you might be in really serious trouble – consider the claim of damages alone.

To Sum Up

The only ways to use spy apps legally are : To monitor your own kid’s cell phones or to monitor your company cell phones (after notifying the users). Beware of websites making claims that you can spy on others – doing so could lead to serious legal problems.

I hope this has offered you some understanding of the legal issues you may encounter when using spy phone software packages. Legal requirements vary from place to place so you must make some checks. Keep within the law and help save lots of trouble down the road.


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