ChatGPT, Buddha Version,Hotoke AI Burst out of the Ring


ChatGPT is now helping to solve the problems of the human “Buddha system”.

In Japan, a ChatGPT version of the mechanical Buddha Hotoke AI (hotoke is the Japanese word for Buddha) has gone viral, and more than 13,000 troubles have been solved in the past five days.

The official interface also prominently reads: AI is always by your side.

A man can ask a question of his mind, and it will answer it at once, in an eloquent and persuasive manner.

For example, what if it’s hard to get into the habit of exercising in the morning?

A rough look at the length, I think it has been very careful. And look closely, is the language skills of all kinds of pull man!

First, it brings you closer: it’s not easy to form a habit, and we’ve all experienced that feeling. Then the right “opportunity” is also important.

(In other words, it’s not all about you. Don’t blame yourself.)

Finally, it offers the ultimate trick — practical advice from a coaching perspective.

For example, progressive exercise, don’t put too much pressure on yourself, find a training method that works for you, etc.

This one and two, comfort you at the same time also directly to solve the problem!

Many netizens who have solved their doubts said: Thank you, master!

Hotoke has been gaining a lot of attention since it was officially launched on March 3 and is currently available on both web and Line.

So far, nearly 14,000 questions have been received, and the number is growing.

There are some real worries, including doubts about life, life, work and self-identity.

What can I do to get motivated? I’m busy on Saturday and Sunday, and I really want to have a good time by myself. I don’t know why I’m studying for this horrible entrance exam. …

(Migrant workers and students both cry)

There are also some interesting multiple choice questions, such as the classic Japanese snack debate: Which is better, mushroom mountain or bamboo shoot?

Then there’s the classic job seeker question: Which is better, a challenging but unstable job or a stable job without challenge?

But Hotoke has no problem answering questions like, “Which is better, mushroom mountain or bamboo shoot?” For example, it is basically divided into three steps.

First, to conclude: there is no right answer to this question, and one size does not fit all.

Then from the perspective of psychology, Buddhism and other aspects to give you analysis: Follow your heart!

Finally, from the teacher’s point of view, suppose that when you encounter this kind of problem, how should you solve it? And by extension, making choices is an important opportunity to think deeply, improve self-understanding and self-affirmation.

Hotoke cautions, however, that your questions may be public, so don’t enter personal information. And that I may be wrong about Buddhism, so please accept it with a generous heart.

The founder, who graduated from junior high school, is involved in the creation of multiple platforms: CAMPFIRE, BASE, Pepabo, NOW, Riba Mansion, which aims to inspire individual potential.
All right, if you’re interested, let ChatGPT answer your questions in the comments below ~


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