ChatGPT on Board is coming! Gather the CEO’s Words: must surpass Tesla


“It’s not that I don’t understand. The world is changing fast.”

The idea of a meta-universe that the car industry wants to rub off on hasn’t quite hit the ground yet, and now there’s ChatGPT.

ChatGPT technology is already being used by car companies.

Jidu has just announced that its products will integrate the comprehensive capabilities of Baidu Wenxinyi to create a large-scale artificial intelligence interactive experience for intelligent car scenes.

Wenxinyi is a ChatgPt-like generative conversation product being developed by Baidu, known in English as ERNIE Bot.

This is the first time ChatGPt-like technology has been used in a smart car anywhere in the world.

Perhaps it was Wen Xin’s word on the bus that gave him the courage to gather CEO Xia Yiping at the event site that day, and also criticized Tesla. He said that Tesla’s price cut is due to the serious decline in product power. Its intelligent experience, such as voice control and automatic driving assistance, is no longer very competitive in China, and the price cut is the return of the value of the product itself.

What can ChatGPT technology do on board?

In the few months since Chat GPT was launched, it has become an app phenomenon, and tech giants like Microsoft and Google have taken the lead in laying out the new course of generative AI, disrupting the old order.

On the other side of the ocean at home, domestic tech giants naturally will not miss such an industrial tuyere. Tencent, NetEase and iFlytek have all announced that they are already involved in the generative AI business.

Baidu, in particular, opened ERNIE Bot, a generative Chat GPT product developed by Baidu based on Wenxin large model technology, to the public after its private beta in March, with deep semantic understanding and generation capabilities. It was also the first real Chat GPt-style product in the country.

Its roots can be traced back to ten years ago. In 2013, Baidu set up a deep learning research institute, with an investment of more than 100 billion yuan. In 2018, Baidu upgraded its deep learning platform “Feizuo” into an operating system, which is the support system behind Wenxinyi.

According to Baidu, Wenxinyi will be the first to be embedded in Baidu’s search service to better understand the meaning of text, answer generation, automatic reply and other functions.

Now the fat water does not flow to the outside world, the same is Baidu’s products, Wenxin word on Jidu car is also a reasonable thing, but also more in line with Jidu set up positioning – car robot.

Jidu said it will integrate the comprehensive capabilities of Baidu Wenxinyi to create the world’s first large-scale AI interactive experience for the intelligent car scene.

As for automobiles, new energy vehicles are more and more intelligent, which coincides with ChatGPT technology’s new breakthrough in artificial intelligence. Even Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the Passenger Federation, said Chat GPT would have a diversified impact on the auto industry and would bring an “in-flight” effect.

However, the AI interactive experience that Set refers to is rather abstract. In short, the most intuitive revolution of ChatGPT application in cars may be the voice function level.

For example, when the voice is used in the car, it is more instruction and mechanical command. Now, the car machine system can communicate with people more directly through the word of literature and heart. Voice interaction is more direct, more in line with human thinking habits, will be closer to the communication between people.

Therefore, the most direct feeling brought by the technology of generative intelligent AI is the linear improvement of the interactive efficiency of the car.

In addition to Condu, other enterprises are also starting to study the application of Chat GPT technology in the field of human-computer interaction.

Siwei Tuxin said on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange interactive platform that its equity partner Puqiang uses Chatgpt-like models, algorithms and training technologies, combined with existing model algorithms and massive data related to vehicles, to support the human-computer interaction services of head car companies.

In fact, the biggest advantage of Chat GPT technology is the “smooth” conversation, which is an important area to use once in the car.

Therefore, it is relatively easy to implement an AI robot like ChatGPT as a car and machine assistant. What you can see is that ChatGPT, once it becomes a car assistant, will be the most advanced and clever yet.

In addition to voice interaction, Chat GPT technology could in the future analyze driver behavior data to alert drivers to better understand their behavior and give them advice.

But for autonomous driving, which relies heavily on hardware, ChatGPT’s technology is unlikely to help.

The main reason is that automatic driving requires the ability to process graphics, images and other data, and requires higher requirements for image algorithms, which has little correlation with natural language processing ability.

Of course, in the longer term, trained AI may become more capable of autonomous driving as the computing power of the device at the end of the car increases and the data becomes more abundant.

Xia Yiping believes that the investment in ChatGPT technology is similar to that of a car company, which needs to be accumulated for a long time. In the AI era, Baidu has long accumulated, so it has the ability to produce products with this technology. While Wenxin has yet to be officially announced, Xia said Chat GPT’s capabilities will be detailed when the product is released.

Jidu is the first company to announce the launch of Chat GPt-like technology in its cars, so it’s only a matter of time before others follow suit. After all, if you can’t get on the Chat GPT train right now, you’ll be left behind.

It’s going to surpass Tesla

Aided by transformative technology, Xia also trounced Tesla.

Xia Yiping said that Tesla’s product power has suffered a serious decline, and he had a poor experience as an early Tesla owner. Until now, Tesla’s voice, automatic driving and intelligent experience are all poor.

In his opinion, the local new energy vehicle companies in the Chinese market are developing rapidly, and Tesla is no longer a very competitive product, so price reduction is the normal trend. Surpassing Tesla will be easy for Jidu, which is highly competitive both in terms of price and intelligence.

“We’re going to overtake him.”

Whether it’s space or smart experience, Xia is not worried about how Tesla’s price cut will affect them.

What are the advantages of the products that can make Xia Yiping so confident?

In January 2021, Geely and Baidu announced a joint venture to build cars. The products of Jidu Auto will be built based on Geely’s vast pure electric architecture, while Baidu is mainly responsible for vehicle intelligence, including intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, etc.

With the “halo of science and technology” of Baidu and Baidu Apollo, Jidu is most proud of “intelligence”, which is also the biggest advantage of Jidu compared with other new power car companies.

ROBO issued on December 30, 2022-01 (parameters) | inquiry after mass production version, Xia Yiping media interview, said set of intelligent driving completely inherited the baidu Apollo’s core ability.

In terms of hardware, Qualcomm 8295 intelligent tank chip onboard ROBO-01 is the world’s first 5nm process car-scale chip, where AI computing power reaches 30TOPS. Coupled with Nvidia dual Orin X chips, the AI computing power of the entire vehicle reaches 538Tops.

The ROBO-01 uses “vision + Lidar (multi-sensor fusion)” two autonomous driving modes working in parallel. That adds up to 12 autopilot cameras, five millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, and two lidar.

It also supports 3D interaction in the smart cabin even in extreme cold conditions, and hardware capabilities that integrate lidar and smart driving are standard on all models.

Combined with Baidu’s high-precision map, the integrated point-to-point navigation assistance PPA has advanced intelligent driving capability of “three domains integration” of high-speed, city and parking. It has to be said that as a smart electric car, the Jidu ROBO-01 does have a lot of highlights.

In addition to ChatgPt-like technology, the company is preparing to launch a “Trisaran version” of the car. Currently, the company has signed a cooperation agreement with the Trisaran Universe to jointly launch this customized car in 2023.

Metacomes, ChatGPT technology, and the three-body universe are all cool and sci-fi elements that, when combined well, make for a standout label.

But there is still a gap between reality and ideal. How many people will buy this car robot that claims to “redefine the smart car” needs to be left to the market.


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