Check Out NOMU 11.11 Shopping Carnival Here @Nomu


Tomorrow is a big day not only for resellers, but also for buyers, because they can enjoy lowest price on this big event. Right now many manufacturers, resellers, and others have prepared their shopping festival well, Nomu as one of most professional Chinese rugged smartphone makers has also brought this big event coming, you can enjoy different models of Nomu rugged phones at the best price, whether old models or new models, like Nomu S10 Pro which starts to sell on Aliexpress.


There are five items involved in the activity. Here is the detailed information:

Item Price on Nov. 11 (Only for one day) Price cut/Discount
NOMU S10 Pro $139.99 $60/30%
NOMU S30 Mini $139.99 $60/30%
NOMU S30 $215.79 $44.2/17%
NOMU S10 $109.99(only 100ps,  on a first-come, first-get basis); $111.66 $54.17(only 100ps,  on a first-come, first-get basis)/33%; $52.5/32%
NOMU T10 $50.99 $9/15%


Besides, you can also be luck to win coupons like $2, $4, $5 or $10, one of them can be used on Nov.11, Therefore, we can consider NOV. 11 as our buyers’ lucky day, we believe you want a rugged phone for outdoor sports. We also highly recommend its latest model, Nomu S10 Pro with high competitiveness.

Do you think it is all? Of course, Nomu has not only prepared big discounts for you, but also a Nomu brand phone giveaway, you can like Nomu facebook page and take part in this activity according to their rules, you will be a very lucky one to win a superior rugged smartphones, when you win one, don’t forget to share with us about this big happiness. Anyway, you can check more details about NOMU Double 11 Shopping festival and Giveaway, you can check here to know clearly. And they have also made a Double 11 shopping festival video for your better understanding.


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