Check out the Feima Robotics J.ME – The smallest 2-Axis Gimbal Quacopter with 4K camera! (Coupon included)


The Feima Robotics J.ME is according to the company, the smallest 2-Axis Gimbal Quacopter with 4K camera. I guess this is very important, since if we take under consideration that it can fly for 23 min and the other features that has, we are talking about a very very good quadcopter!


The Feima Robotics J.ME comes in white as colour, weights about 550g with the battery on and it has dimension of 169 × 169 × 70mm, if we don’t measure and the propellers. The maximum altitude that can reach is 3500m and as we said it can fly with a fully charged battery, for up to 23 min! Because of the big height, the J.Me can operate at extreme temperatures like -10° to 40°C. In order to fly ideal, the best wind level is the 4th (5.5m/s~8.3m/s). For outdoor, in order to find it’s way back to you, the J.ME is equipped with GPS/GLONASS/Beidou 3-mode satellite positioning. When flying inside a room, uses Optical flow +Ultrasonic in order to have the most accurate position in the surrounding. In order to control it the quadcopter it must be at a distance of 100-200m. The max ascent or descent speed that can reach is 1m/s, when horizontal can fly with the speed of 8m/s.


The Feima Robotics J.ME with all these features and the very good GPS connection that has, it has a horizontak position accuracy ±1m and vertical ±0.5m. This is for flying outside, when flying inside and using the optical flow ultrasonic hover accuracy, the horizontal accuracy is ±0.3m and the vertical ±0.1m. The pitch of the gimbal is between -15° to ~90°(Downward), according to what is needed. The J.ME features obstacle avoidance, One Key Takeoff / Landing, Follow Me, One Key to Share, Gimbal Indoor positioning and obstacle avoidance. The camera has a sensor of 1/3.06 inch, with 13 MP and FOV 76°. The max resolution for images is 4096 x 3072 and supports all modes of shooting. The video taken has 4K resolution, with 3840 x 2160 at 20fps. The Feima Robotics J.ME uses the app J.ME Fly from iTunes or Google Playstore.


The Feima Robotics J.ME uses 16.8V voltage and 57W power. THe intelligent battery (FM3000), has 3000mAh battery, with rated power


The Feima Robotics J.ME is really an awesome quadcopter. With some awesome features that you can enjoy very much, you can find them at Geekbuying at the unique place. Use the coupon code 5RCQuadcopters, which would give  you a very good price reduction!


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