Cheerson CX – 17 CRICKET Mini RC Selfie Drone Early Review


Cheerson is an excellent and leading provider of the quadcopter and currently they are offering  Cheerson CX-17 CRICKET Mini RC Selfie Drone is a mini toy ready to fly selfie drone, featuring WiFi FPV With 0.3MP 60° Wide Angle camera, can shoot the video and photos. Cheerson CX-17 CRICKET is a mini drone that you can use to take selfies because it can carry out an 180-degree rotation automatically and make the camera face to you. You can use your mobile phone or tablet to control it and switch left-hand / right-hand throttle. This lovely flier can be launched by hand and controlled easily via your mobile devices thanks to the functions of G-sensor Mode and Way-points.


When it comes to the design of the Cheerson CX-17, it is designed in a good manner and is perfectly suit for the beginners and aerial photographers who like to take photos, record videos in an efficient manner. The 6-axis design makes the gyroscope adjustable which in turn it promotes flying stability.


You must be thinking, a cheap and tiny drone like this will make a lousy camera? On the contrary, the camera specification of Cheerson CX-17 is surprisingly good. You will have a lot of fun filming and taking photos with its 0.3-megapixel camera, which takes OK photos and videos. You will surely enjoy being able to take photos from a high altitude at such cheap rates, and is also great for beginner drone looking to polish their aerial photography skills. The 3.7V 400mAh lithium-ion battery takes 40 minutes to fully charge and gives this tiny drone a flight time of 6-7 minutes when you don’t use the camera. The time duration of its flight also highly depends on on the conditions and type of flying. When you use the camera to record videos, you can anticipate the flight time to be around 3-4 minutes.


One feature that really surprised us was the inclusion of a camera in such a small and inexpensive remote controlled helicopter. We found its image quality wasn’t really very good, but who cares? In a drone like this, the camera is more of a novelty feature anyway – probably not intended for legitimate filming anyway. We thought it was a fun feature.


This is a novelty quadcopter that hobbyists will fall in love with! If you’re at the beginning stages of becoming a drone enthusiast, then this CX-17 CRICKET Mini RC by Cheerson is a must-have for you! You can capture some great fun family videos or fly it in the house to spy on your brother, either way this is the most fun you can get in such a small package.


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