Cheerson SANLIANHUAN CX-91, CX-91A,CX-91B 5.8G FPV Jumper RC Drone Specs, Price, Review


Recently, Cheerson has released three models about its latest quadcopters, they are Cheerson SANLIANHUAN CX-91, CX-91A, CX-91B. So you must be curious about their difference. We have checked they almost have same specs, and design, but different package. Cheerson SANLIANHUAN CX-91A  has extra LCD Monitor Set, Monitor Data Cable, Monitor USB Cable, Monitor Holder, 8G Memory Card, and Card Reader, and CX-91B has more like  LCD Monitor Set, Monitor Data Cable, Monitor USB Cable, Monitor Holder, 8G Memory Card,  Card Reader,  2D VR Goggles Set, but Cheerson SANLIANHUAN CX-91 doesn’t include these monitor parts.


Check Cheerson SANLIANHUAN CX-91, CX-91A,CX-91B  Main features:

5.8G 32 channel real-time transmitter can automatic search frequency.
With camera of about 0.9 to 1 mega pixel.
About 300 meters control and FPV distance.
Steady rise mode and manual mode are optional, also with low-voltage alarming and automatic landing functions.
1805 brushless motors and powerful performance in obstacle avoidance keep a perfect balance between power and safety.
High speed max to about 80km/h theoretically.
You can enjoy its good performance of hover, side-flight and 3D rollover with beautiful LED light.


Therefore, Cheerson SANLIANHUAN CX-91 , CX-91A, CX-91B are all the best ones for advanced player, it is professional 5.8G FPV RC Drone and it has 0.9 to 1 mega pixel camera for about 300 meters real-time image transmission and taking pictures. Its battery has 11.1V 1600mAh to support 8minutes to 12 minutes flying time and it takes about 90 minutes to charge full. During rc drones, these three are really high-end drones for the real RC players.


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