Cherry MX Board Silent Mechanical Keyboard Officially Released at CES 2017


Today it’s very busy at CES for those electronics manufacturers, which there are not only smartphones, PC, Smart home appliance, but also relative accesories. Cherry has officially released new silent mechanical keyboard, MX Board Silent.

According to Cherry, MX Board Silent is created based on G80-3,000, its inner uses its own MX silent axis. The inner part of axis owns unique rubber to reduce the noise when clicking.

Currently, MX Board Silent keyboard provides MX red axis and MX black axis for users’ choice, the shaft body life supports 50 million times, selling at 149usd, and according to Cherry, the mechanical keyboard can offer the hand touch feeling and usage life over membrane keyboard, but the disadvantage is that the noise is too big which is not suitable for using in the office and dorm or other public places. But the latest Cherry MX Board Silent keyboard can keep balance between hand feeling and noise control.

As an old brand in Keyboard, Cherry this time has made the big efforts in its new keyboard with better performance and functions. So will you be ready for trying this Cherry MX Board Silent ?


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