China’s first Snapdragon 898 Flagship has been Certified!


The latest information about Qualcomm’s next flagship chip snapdragon 898 is endless, and related new flagship phones are also constantly surfaced, including the Mi 12, Redmi K50 series and so on.

However, it was just some leaked information before, and now the first Snapdragon 898 model has been certified in China.

According to the latest news from blogger @Leon: “The first Qualcomm 898 new machine from domestic manufacturer officially approved by radio, belongs to Nubia, code name NX679J, also known as red magic 7 series new machine.”

It should be noted that the previous Red Magic 6 releases were a bit later than the first regular new flagships due to the greater emphasis on tuning and optimization on gaming phones.

Based on current information, the Red Magic 7 series will most likely not be among the first models.

However, it should be noted that red Magic 7 is the first to implement the network, which shows that Nubia, and even the entire ZTE brand, has worked very closely with Qualcomm to complete the overall design quickly.

As a result, ZTE may be preparing other flagship phones to be among the first to feature the snapdragon 898 chip, or even the first.

According to the previous news, the Snapdragon 898 adopts Samsung’s 4nm manufacturing process, with specific CPU specifications of 1* 3.0ghz X2 super-core, 3* 2.5ghz large core, and 4* 1.79ghz small core. The GPU is Adreno 730.

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All in all, snapdragon 898 should be upgraded from its predecessor in terms of performance, power consumption and heating.


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