Chinese Taobao has Listed Xiaomi MI5C Meri on SALE at ¥999 ($144)


Previously, Xiaomi has released Xiaomi MI5S and Xiaomi MI5S Plus smartphone, which are both quite popular for sale now, but according to Xiaomi produce line, it should have a budget phone between Xiaomi MI5S and Xiaomi MI5. Yes, it’s the rumored one, Xiaomi MI5C Meri. We have also reported it a lot before about its real photos and specs, right now a magic news is that Xiaomi MI5C Meri starts to sell online in Taobao, Chinese online shopping mall.


In China, it’s rare to see a e-shop listed a concept product on sale before its official announcement. Because it will take too much risk for their shop. But we are aware that this shop always listed the concept smartphones before its official release date such as Samsung’s Series, Nexus or iPhone. So we can trust a lot about its reliability.


Right now Xiaomi MI5C is listed on Taobao at 999 Yuan ($144), and they also have added a sale price, not the final price. According to their page, it claims Xiaomi MI5C will be compatible with a VR glass, which has been confirmed to sell officially on December 12.  So you can place the order first and add the VR Glass to enjoy bundle price. There is a little strange that the page shows the Xiaomi MI4C powered by Snapdragon 808 processor, 5 inch screen size instead of Xiaomi MI5C.

As you know, Xiaomi is busy with its own processor development. And Xiaomi MI5C will be possible to be the first one to use its in-house processor called Pinecone. Right now we have no idea about the exact release date, but we believe it should come out next month without any accident.


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