CHOETECH USB Type C Cable Review- Because good cables are always needed! (w/ real images and video presentation)


Having a good mobile, with the latest SOC and updates from the OS is good. Also having a big battery is important, since with it you can use for many hours your mobile. But there will be always time to charge it or to transfer data from your device to your PC or elsewhere. There you need good cables, to do the job right. Searching around the internet, found out that the best for this job are from ChoeTech. I found out that they have a eshop on Amazon, so I got me some cables from there to see if all I was reading was true. To be more exact I got the CHOETECH USB Type C Cable for my Xiaomi Mi5S Plus who has USB Type-c slot.

By ordering them from the Amazon store, the cables came to me fast with DHL. I also didn’t had to pay any customs as it is of very low value. Opening the protective bag of the DHL, I came across a white plastic bag where inside I found 3 cables that came with my order.

The three cables where of 1 meter long, protected outside with durable nylon cover, in black.

The USB Type-C cables from ChoeTech, they feature a braided cord, hard enough to resist to kinking or bending. The cable also features 56kΩ resistor, which gives a reliable conductivity and stability.

The cables from ChoeTech, except from been reliable for charging, they feature USB 3.0, which gives them the ability of data transfer up to 5Gbps with compatible USB 3.0 devices

Check and my video presentation of these very good cables.

As you see the ChoeTech USB Type C cables are really good in the end and what I have read about them is true. So if you want to get some really good cables for your devices, that will last long and wont have any problems, choose these. You will find them on their Amazon store for $13.95! More details can check on ChoeTech USB Type C official site.

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