Choosing the right IPTV provider in 2020


IPTV is an acronym for Internet Protocol Television. IPTV allows for the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol networks. Traditionally, content is delivered through satellite, cable or terrestrial formats. IPTV allows users to pick and chose the content they want to view on-demand.

For example, sports fans can buy a dedicated IPTV sports subscription package, or a movie buff can purchase a movie pack.

It can be confusing when choosing an IPTV Provider as the market has become quite saturated in recent years. This quick guide will help you to choose a reliable and cost-effective provider.

What Makes a Good IPTV Service?

Minimal Buffering/Loading times

Most IPTV will occasionally buffer, but this should be minimal and not disrupt the overall viewing experience.

Use on Multiple Devices

Users should be able to use the service on a variety of devise such as iPads, phones, etc.

Monthly Plans

Always choose a provider who offer a monthly subscription plan. You don’t want to lock in to a yearly plan only to discover the service doesn’t suit your needs a month later.

Good customer support.

A good IPTV Service will have a solid reputation for supporting their customers. This is always indicative of a reliable service.

Our top pick for IPTV which ticks all the boxes is  IPTV.

What do you need?

Since IPTV relies on your internet connection to deliver content you will need a fast and reliable internet provider for best viewing.  Minimum requirements for optimal viewing:

10Mbps for Standard Definition

15Mbps for HD

25Mbps for UHD 4K

Bear in mind, this is the absolute minimum specs recommended and of course, the faster your connection, the better.

What are the services provided by an IPTV Provider?

Before you decided on an IPTV package, its important to understand the nature of the services you will be receiving. IPTV providers offer a range of different programming options such as.

Live Television: This service broadcasts current live television shows and movies.

Live Sports: This service broadcasts live sporting events.

TV on Demand: This service gives you an opportunity to watch selected TC shows on demand.

Movies on Demand: This service allows you to movies and videos on demand.


When it comes to media consumption, everyone has their own preference for the content they watch. Before you decided on an IPTV provider it’s important to thoroughly evaluate the list of channels on offer and ask yourself if they meet your needs.  Many providers offer a range of different packages each tailored to your needs.  Quite often, providers will offer a good mix of sports, TV shows and movies with some offering you the choice to customise your channels even more.  Providers that offer these types of packages are popular but can be more expensive.

In Summary

The most important thing when choosing an IPTV provider is not to lock yourself in to a long-term contract. Many of the less-savoury providers will provide trials with enhance performance only to provide an inferior service as soon as you take out a year long subscription.


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