Chuwi CoreBook Pro Now Online on Official Site, 2K Productivity notebook Sales at $499


Chuwi has released a new product named CoreBook Pro recently. It has comprehensive hardware configuration and works for productivity. With HD 2K screen, 3:2 aspect ratio, and powerful performance, Chuwi CoreBook Pro can make a good effect in office, learning, and other scenarios. For now, the Corebook Pro is on sale as $499 on the official website. You can enjoy many discounts on Shopify in the first wave of sale from July 21 to July 27.

Promotions (07.21-07.27

  1. The $100coupon for first customers
    Entering Chuwi official website and attend in the subscription mailbox, you will receive an email contains a $100 coupon code to buy the CoreBook Pro from Here.
  2. The Gift
    You can get a high-quality computer bag if you the CoreBook Pro during the activity.
  3. Fast delivery
    The consignment(DHL) is going to begin on July 28 when the activity ends. The product will send to you as soon as possible.

CoreBook Pro,Efficient Productivity Release

2K resolution, 3:2 aspect ratio

The screen adopts a 13-inch 2K resolution IPS panel with a full-screen design. The high screen-to-body ratio brings a shocking first impression, and the text display is delicate and clear which is suitable for long-term viewing. The 3:2 aspect ratio, which is more suitable for productivity, can display more content than 16:9 screens under the same office documents, web browsing, and data viewing scenarios. There is no need to frequently turn pages and slide the scroll wheel to complete work and study more efficiently.

Powerful Performance

The Chuwi CoreBook Pro features the Intel Core i3 processor, iris 50GPU,8GB DDR4 memory,256GB high-speed SSD storage, can efficiently output in response to the office and other scenes. Multi-task switching is smooth without waiting, which greatly improves use efficiency.

High-Quality Productivity Notebook

Chuwi CoreBook Pro has many advantages such as a 3:2 aspect ratio, 2K resolution screen, high-speed SSD which are very suitable for office and study. It is a laptop that can Improve efficiency in fact.  Chuwi will start the activity on July 21 in Shopify. CoreBook Pro will sale at $499.And the laptop will be sent to you for the first time on July 28. What are you waiting for!

More information about the product and activity, you can find it through the link Here and Buy CoreBook Pro immediately from Here.


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