Chuwi CoreBook X: Get Upto $70 OFF and Free Laptop Bag !!


Chuwi CoreBook X is another bend on this thought, squeezing fundamentally more power than past versions while keeping up the moderate arrangement. Lightweight, slight, and with compelling warmth dispersal, need to comprehend what makes this Chuwi PC by a wide margin unrivaled? Scrutinize on and you’ll find everything about this new PC.

Chuwi CoreBook X

Plan and Display

Chuwi CoreBook X has an incredibly limited arrangement considering its 14″ show size. It almost copies the wonderful bezels and the metallic unibody of the MacBook Air. You can pass on this contraption using a singular hand. It is really flexible to take with you on developments all through the planet. CoreBook X has a 2K HD IPS show that solitary expensive PCs have. This, yet it has other gear supports that are setting a benchmark. If you love using Apple MacBook Air, this elective PC can be uncommon. It is a huge part of the expense of a MacBook device and has features that can battle with it. Therefore, you can save a ton by staying away from the exorbitant PC and buying a CoreBook X.

Chuwi CoreBook X


Chuwi places such prevalent gear in the CoreBook X that it performs ultra responsively. It is uncommon that we track down the right harmony of specs for a PC. Chuwi CorBook X is one of these workstations that you can buy for a minimal price. It has an Intel Core i5 processor with the Iris 650 plans GPU. Thusly, you can dissect the first-rate PCs like the Microsoft Surface that have comparative specs at a more noteworthy expense. The striking 2K show fulfills when watching on the web streams. There is 16GB RAM with a 256GB SSD ROM for very speedy boot times.

Chuwi CoreBook X


There are additional features of Chuwi CoreBook X that solitary premium and exorbitant workstations offer. These are the USB-C ports and a gigantic 46.2Wh battery. Thusly, you can work and watch movies without the worry of battery squander. The 2K Full HD IPS show with an objective of 2160*1440p can display first-rate accounts. You can use headphones with a wire or without them. The WIFI and the Bluetooth have the latest structures with 2.4G/5G Dual Bands. CoreBook X is basically the ideal PC in its worth reach. CoreBook X offers PD 2.0 speedy charging to make you keep things under control for less time.

Chuwi CoreBook X


Chuwi CoreBook X performs very well similar to execution. With a world-class I5 processor, 16GB tremendous memory, and high-speed SSD storing, it gives better satisfaction to the assortment of office necessities. It can not simply adjust to clear step-by-step office work flawlessly yet furthermore run applications with better necessities. So, what are you waiting for Because CorebookX is back with a supercharged Intel Core i5 8259U processor with 4 cores, 8 threads, and can turbo boost up to 3.8GHZ?
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