Chuwi Herobook Pro vs Chuwi Herobook Review: Which one should you buy?


Chuwi is one of the most active brands in the notebook market. The company already launched its new models, the Chuwi Herobook Pro and Chuwi Herobook notebook, With the Herobook Pro, the manufacturer wants to realize an ultrabook with premium optics at a mid-range price. The design is based on the Notebook by Huawei and the notebook is extremely small and handy, and Chuwi Herobook is an Affordable Ultra-Thin laptop with the Premium look and feel, It’s ultra-thin bezels makes the laptop even smaller despite its 15.6-inch display. The Herobook Pro looks a lot like Huawei’s MateBook X Pro but comes at a much lower price. In this article, we will see What’s the difference between Chuwi Herobook Pro vs Chuwi Herobook? Let’s check out quickly comparison review of both devices here:


HeroBook Pro is equipped with a 14.1-inch IPS screen with a wider vision and a 1920*1080 ultra-high definition resolution brings vivid details. Besides, the night mode and color setting will help reduce the onset of eye strain. The borderless keyboard area of Herobook Pro’s keyboard is engineered for compactness and simplicity. Meanwhile, the full-sized keyboard that features 17mm keycap and 3mm keypitch makes your typing more enjoyable and comfortable. The 5.75-inch oversized touchpad of Herobook Pro supports a variety of touch gestures, easy and intuitive to interact with your laptop, offering users precise control and a uniform response.

And The Chuwi Herobook notebook will present itself to the eyes of users with a body with a premium design as well as extremely studied in size. The shell, completely in aluminum, has been designed to offer the best practicality and experience of use in all conditions. Inside there is a 14.1-inch laptop with a resolution of 1366 x 768 screen. A panel whose resolution is not yet known but which the engineers have treated to eliminate any glare. The display, like all the other components, will be powered by a 38 Wh high capacity battery. This, on balance, should ensure excellent autonomy even with heavy use.


The Chuwi Herobook pro Equipped with Gemini lake N4000 processor,14nm process,the highest frequency can reach 2.6GHz, built with UHD Graphics 600 core graphics card, GPU is more powerful in graphics processing, decode 4K video smoothly. It comes with 8GB storage makes multitasking more efficient, 256GB SSD has high reading and writing speeds, and application can be opened and switched instantly.

And The heart of Chuwi Herobook will be the next generation Intel Quad Core processor Atom X5. A CPU supported in operations from the Intel HD Graphics N3000 video card as well as 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. Storage is expandable via memory cards. Graphis is catered for with an integrated N3000 GPU which isn’t going to set pulses racing but does the job, and there’s a quad-speaker audio system.


Herobook Pro is equipped with high-speed M.2, USB 3.0, Micro-HD, fast charging DC port, headphone jack, Micro-SD card slot, giving Herobook hassle-free connectivity for versatile flexibility. Pre-installed Windows 10 OS, Edge browser as well as Cortana will improve your work efficiency, great for entertainment and productivity. A monstrous 38Wh polymer lithium-ion battery with ultra-low power Intel CPU enables HeroBook Pro last over 9 hours. With fast-charge technology, you can enjoy hours of work or entertainment.

And Regarding connectivity, Chuwi promises 9 hours of life from the battery (or over 9 hours, or 7-8 hours depending on where you look on the website!), and weighing in at under 2KG, it’s ideal for chucking in a bag when you hit the road. Fast charging means you shouldn’t have to wait too long to power up either. There are a large multi-touch trackpad and a full-sized keyboard for comfortable typing. In terms of ports and expansion options, you’ll find an M.2 SSD slot, MicroSD slot, two USB 3.0 ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a micro HDMI port for hooking up to an external display.


According to several aspects comparison between Chuwi Herobook Pro Vs Chuwi Herobook notebook, they are both budget Laptop which is affordable, Both comes with different specs you can check out. So according to what exactly you might be looking, you can find, in Design, Hardware, and Features. According to the overall comparison with Chuwi Herobook Pro and Chuwi Herobook, you will know the main difference and similarity. For More Information, you can visit on Official Chuwi Herobook Pro and Chuwi Herobook notebook Pages…


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