Chuwi HeroBox Review – Now comes with Intel Celeron N4100 Processor & 8GB+128GB SSD


CHUWI announced the upcoming launch of HeroBox mini-PC. Chuwi HeroBox is an updated version of the mini-computer GBox Pro, enclosed in a compact metal case and equipped with Intel Celeron N4100 Gemini Lake processor, 8 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, 180 GB SSD and a large set of interfaces. In addition to office work and watching videos, the laptop is also suitable for many other uses.


About the appearance of the Chuwi HeroBox, the body is a very compact design, lightweight with a super portable feature and convenient to carry. It combines the smallness to fit in the palm of your hand and the design that does not damage the interior regardless of the location. Chuwi GBox Pro is very compact. The milled metal body measures 37.3mm x 187.6mm x 138.3mm and Weight 0.59kg. Two monitors can be connected simultaneously to a mini-computer. The interface menu is more than enough. We see USB C, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, a VGA connector, and a memory card slot. Thermal conductive aluminum alloy is used on HeroBox to ensure continuous effective cooling in all directions. The power-saving HeroBox stays efficient and stable even after a long period of work. Continuous 4-hour in use, it stays 34℃.


Chuwi HeroBox Equipped with Gemini Lake N4100 processor,the highest frequency can reach 2.4Gh, great performance, and low power consumption. The ninth-generation UHD Graphics 600 GPU performance can be twice better than the last generation. Featured eighteen processing units, it can decode 4K VP9 10bit videos smoothly. In terms of storage, 8GB LPDDR4 can run faster than DDR3, low power consumption. Equipped with Intel 180GB SSD, HeroBox can be three times better than the previous HDD no matter hardware quality or the speed of reading and writing, which can work smoothly when using daily software. With the Win10 operating system, HeroBox can work efficiently in daily usage and entertainment. It also supports excellent Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, which can meet the needs of engineers and different user groups.


Not only can HeroBox work as an ordinary mini PC, but also it can be used in a variety of scenes for different purposes. It can decode 4K videos smoothly with great processor and graphics performance, which can be worked as Home Theater Personal Computer. HeroBox’s mini body supports VESA kickstand, which can be easily fixed to the back of the monitor or HDTV to be a PC all-in-one combination. Low-power storage and processor of HeroBox make the daily power consumption lower than 10W, which can be used to publish the NAS storage server. Ultra-low power consumption can upload and download data optionally. In addition to 180GB SSD, the storage can be expanded to 2TB through SATA.


Thanks to the energy-saving hardware, the power consumption is reduced to 10 watts – so the Chuwi HeroBox mini-PC is not too much on the pocket even with longer commuting distances and is not only more powerful but also more energy-efficient than alternative mini-PCs on the market. For more information visit on Chuwi official Website


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