Chuwi Hi10 Air: A Full HD Display Tablet That Can Play Videos In 4K


The tablet market but also that of smartphones rarely exceeds the 2K resolution of the screen and this, at least on paper, means not being able to watch the 4K video in the best way. Or at least not all because the Chuwi Hi10 Air tablet is one of these devices where the viewing experience comes first.

But what is the relationship between the resolution of a video and the resolution of a device? The video, before being displayed on the screen, is divided into three processes: decoding, output, and visualization. The decoding is the decompression process of digital video, which is in turn divided into hardware decoding and software decoding.

Hardware decoding is performed by the GPU while that software is executed by the CPU, taking into account a whole series of specific algorithms. The output identifies the connection between the unit that plays and the display that displays the final image. When displays and units are separated, all three processes are necessary.

However, taking Chuwi Hi10 Air as an example, let’s see how the tablet behaves while playing a 4K movie. As you can see from the image below, Chuwi Hi10 Air can play 4K video smoothly thanks to the eighth generation Intel HD Graphics GPU that supports 4K hardware decoding.

Although the screen resolution stops at Full HD, and therefore at 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution which does not meet the 4K standard, Chuwi Hi10 Air is able to perfectly reproduce a video in 4K thanks to an advanced upscaling process that allows keeping image quality intact.

Then taking advantage of the Chuwi Hi10 Air GPU, you can connect the tablet to a 4K display through the HDMI port, to fully enjoy the most defined visual experience of the market. The device, for the record, also has a 1.98 GHz Intel Cherry Trail-T3 Z8350 Quad Core processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory.

A product with WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, USB Type-C and USB OTG. Components managed by the Windows 10 Home operating system in Italian and with all Microsoft preinstalled system applications and services. Anyone interested can buy it on Amazon at $238 or on AliExpress at $201.


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