Chuwi HI13 vs Chuwi HI12 Design, Hardware, Features, Battery Review


Chuwi is a well known company. They are very good and is a very good buy. Today we are going to see 2 of the latest models chuwi presented to us, Chuwi Hi13 and Chuwi Hi12. We have presented both tablets here at igeekphone in the past, but not is time to compare them and see who is going to win! So let the best Chuwi win!

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Chuwi HI13 is a 13-inch tablet and as such is certainly not the product that you wanted if you were looking for something extremely portable. But that said the work done by Chuwi for this tablet is still very good, considering the fact that the tablet itself has an important hardware and standard USB ports. The thickness is contained in only 34.65 x 22.95 x 1.76 cm and is instead the weight 1.6000 kg to be heard and to make a product HI13 “important.” This weight, however, derives also from a build quality higher than the average, the tablet being entirely made of metal. The same can not be said of the keyboard, which is instead made of metal design, pleasant to the touch and which does not retain the fingerprints. The coupling is solid but the housing of the tablet still does a little ‘of the game and “swinging” if we raise the 2-in-1 from the desk. The keyboard is of good quality, the keys are well spaced and have a good run. They are not backlit and unfortunately the keyboard is only available with US layout. Rejected however the touchpad, small and not very accurate. Better to obtain a Bluetooth mouse (or adapter). Two more USB ports are available on the dock, which does not require to be powered or recharged.

Chuwi HI12

CHUWI HI12 measures 10.31 by 6.59 inches. The entire tablet is only 0.35 inches thick and weights 852 grams, which is considerably lighter than the Surface Pro 4 and only slightly heavier than the current iPad Air. The resolution of the display is 2160 x 1440 pixels, the contrast ratio 530:1, numbers which are great for a 12-inch screen. Images are sharp and there’s plenty of on-screen real estate. The maximum brightness of 318 lux, is good enough for outdoor use on a sunny day. Color quality is better still. In terms of gamut, the Hi12 offers 74 percent of the AdobeRGB scale. That closely rivals the significantly more expensive Samsung TabPro S. The dimensions of the Chuwi Hi12 are 29.67 x 20.28 x 0.89 cm.

Chuwi HI13

Within Chuwi HI13 we find a Next Gen processor Intel Apollo lake Celeron N3450 Quad core 1.1 GHz, With 9th Gen Intel HD Graphics 500 supported DX12 while the RAM amounts to less than 4 GB (DDR3). The internal memory is of 64 GB. Wi-Fi is 802.11 a/b/g/n/acand its stability and speed they seemed a bit ‘erratic, but quite in line with other similar products. Also present was the Blutooth 4.0 (very stable) and an LED notification, however, functioning only to indicate charging in progress. Good the Four speakers, which offer a substantial volume of particularly high quality. Speaking of HI13 connections offers a microSD slot Expandable to max 128GB, a video output and well microHDMI 4 USB ports, two on the keyboard and two on the tablet, one of which is a 3.0 Also C-type USB Port.

Chuwi HI12

The Chuwi Hi12 is powered by an Intel Atom processor, specifically the 1.44GHz quad-core Z8300 chip. The Atom line is designed for low energy usage, not peak performance, so no one should expect it to perform well on benchmarks. For graphics, Hi12 uses the on-board Intel HD graphics. The Chuwi Hi12 sports a Hynix HCG8e solid state drive, with 64GB of storage. That’s not a lot of space for installing apps, storing images and video. For RAM, Hi12 is equipped with 4GB, memory more than enough for executing all kind of operations.

Chuwi HI13

Chuwi Hi13 has two cameras Back 5.0MP and Front 2.0MP. We will not dwell too much on this detail view of the objective discomfort in photographing with this device. In any case we can say that the quality is more than enough for a similar product, but do not expect to be able to use for the photos of your holiday. The well-to 13-inch display has a 3K resolution, 3000 x 2000 pixels in the particular format 3:2 (a cross between (4: 3 and 16: 9) particularly pleasant. The brightness is good and spans a very broad range. Then we recommend the removal of the pre-applied film which retains the very footprints. It is on the whole a good display for a cheap product, and of this resolution, although the viewing angles are only good, also due to the distance from the outside of the display glass.
Windows 10 is available on this tablet at Home 64-bit version. As well as for Android here there are no customization manufacturer. The system is thus presented as a classic Windows session 10 in desktop mode. You can not easily use an external mouse and his keyboard, but using it with the built-in touchpad, far too imprecise. Hi13 Packs a massive 10000mAh battery that can offer upto 8hours of average using time. Also it can be fastly Recharged by using the original 24W charger.

Chuwi HI12

Chuwi Hi12 is fanless, so noise is not a problem or overheating. So far as we can tell the internal heatsink in the Chuwi Hi12, alongside the underpowered processor, do a good job of keeping everything cool. The touchscreen does not work during the boot sequence, so users will have to use the volume keys to choose Android or Windows. If you can’t get that to work, an application on the Windows desktop allows users to restart into Windows, and the shutdown menu in Android offers “Boot to Windows” as an option. There’s not a lot of Android software installed by default, not even Android staples like Gmail or Chrome. Happily, Google Play is included, so installing and setting up your favorite apps isn’t hard. Performance seemed a little smoother on the Android side overall, but still a little slow while browsing heavy pages. The Hi12 offer a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 port on the tablet itself. A headphone jack means you can connect your speakers, and a micro HDMI port enables external displays. There’s also a MicroSD slot, which can help supplement the 64GB of internal memory. Power is handled by a MicroUSB port on the side of the tablet itself, inexplicably placed between the two full-sized USB ports. This means that, in order to use the tablet while it’s charging, you’ll need to connect a cable to the side of the display (a display that, you’ll remember, is prone to wobbling.) The 32-inch cable that comes with the Hi12 only reaches so far, meaning plugging in is impossible if there’s no plug on the table or desk you’re working on.
Bluetooth and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi are offered by the Realtek RTL8723BS wireless card. The Hi12 documentation points out that Wi-Fi lets you “swim the internet,” which we assume is more immersive than surfing.


According to overall comparison with Chuwi Hi13 and Chuwi Hi12, you will know the main difference and similarity. Last but least, the price should the important issue for us. Right now here is Chuwi Hi12 coupon code: Hi122 at $239.99CHUWI Hi13 at $349.99.

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