Chuwi Hi8 Pro VS Onda V80 Plus Tablet PC Design, Hardware, Battery, Features Review


Today we have chosen two 8 inch quad core tablet pc which are in flash sale below $100. They are Chuwi HI8 Pro and Onda V80 Plus. In terms of their name, they should come with 8 inch screen size. They have much similarities in hardware, like screen size, processor, storage, dual OS, even price. But when you need a 8 inch tablet pc, which one should you choose first?



Chuwi HI8 Pro screen


Onda V80 Plus Screen

Chuwi HI8 Pro and Onda V80 Plus both comes with 8 inch  1920 x 1200 screen which can provides us with good experience in watching videos and searching the Internet. Chuwi HI8 Pro has 21.12 x 12.32 x 0.93 cm dimensions, 0.350 kg weight, but Onda V80 Plus has  20.50 x 12.30 x 0.85 cm dimensions,  0.325 kg weight, so in terms of weight, Onda V80 Plus is a little lighter, but no big difference.



They are both powered by  Cherry Trail Z8300 64bit Quad Core 1.44GHz processor which is also the popular chipset used on other tablet PCs. You can watch movies, play games, do other multitasking for daily use without any problem. But if you want to play large 3D games, you should choose higher-end tablet pc with larger screen size we recommend. They also have RAM 2GB ROM 32GB internal storage to support your downloading large games for storing, and they can both become the best partner for playing and studying.



Chuwi HI8 Pro is built in 4000mAh battery, but Onda V80 Plus comes with 4200mAh battery, although they have 200mAh battery capacity gap, you can test to compare the battery life, there will also be no big difference. They both can meet your needs to play or study for normal use in one day.


They both have dual camera with front 2MP and back 2MP camera. Although the camera pixel is not high, they can still meet our basic needs for video chatting, taking photos to record the important moment.


Other Features

Chuwi HI8 Pro runs dual OS, Windows 10 + Android 5.1,supporting HDMI output, USB Type-C, OTG function, multi-languages, Onda V80 Plus also runs Windows 10 + Android 5.1 dual OS,  HDMI output, multi-languages, but it doesn’t support USB Type C port. Therefore, Chuwi HI8 Pro is more convenient to charge.


According to several aspects comparison between Chuwi HI8 Pro and Onda V80 Plus tablet pc, they are both budget tablet pc which are affordable, but  Chuwi HI8 Pro supports Type C port, Onda V80 Plus doesn’t have. Of course, they are both in flash sale, Onda V80 Plus at $84.99 and Chuwi HI8 Pro at $95.89. So If you want a cheaper one, you can try this Oneplus V80 Plus, but if you want the latest one which is more convenient, you can try Chuwi HI8 Pro now.

Update on Sept.11, 2017: Use coupon code: V80PLUS to catch Onda V80 Plus at $74.99


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