Chuwi Hi9 Air Improves Its Processor and Makes Use of Helio X23


Today, a good news for all those interested in buying the Chuwi Hi9 Air. The popular tablet of the Chinese brand surprises with a better importance in one of its components. Since a new processor is presented in it. It is a better processor, which will provide the tablet with more power and better power consumption.

As you can see in the photo above, the CPUz app clearly shows the changes. The tablet of the Chinese brand makes use of Helio X20 as a processor, but this was until now. Since it is improved and Helio X23 is presented in the same place. As you can see on the website of the brand.

Helio X23 is one of the MediaTek processors that work best and have liked the most among consumers and experts. It is a processor that reaches a speed of 22.3Ghz, which thus surpasses Helio X20 with a speed of 1.85Ghz. So we see how the Chuwi Hi9 Air gains in speed and will thus have a better performance, more fluid.

Moreover, despite the fact that the new configuration should be more expensive, Hi9 Air will keep its price at $239.99 on Amazon US and £189.54 on Amazon UK during a flash sale, which is scheduled to launch on October 14 at 11:15 BST at 17:15 Moscow time. Same price, better performance.


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