Chuwi Hi9 Plus: A Perfect Tablet to Work In the Office


With the passage of time, we have seen how many tablets have been making their way into the market. Although many do not see the tablets as a tool with which to work. That’s why tablets like the Chuwi Hi9 Plus prove the opposite. Since it is a perfect model that can be used at the time of having to work or study, but also perfect to consume audiovisual content.

It is a tablet that the brand launches as a perfect model to use the office. It will help us to work in a more comfortable and efficient way, as well as stand out for its quality and good specifications, as we can see on its website.

The first thing that draws attention to this tablet is its size, with a 10.8-inch screen. It is an ideal size since it is not too big, nor too small. So we will be able to see everything on the screen of this Chuwi Hi9 Plus without any problem.

In addition, it has a weight of 500grams, which is very light. It will allow us to take it with us everywhere, in addition to being able to work comfortably anywhere. Another aspect that makes it ideal to use in the office is that we simply add a keyboard so that if we have to create a text or respond to messages, we will not take anything. It will allow us to be much more efficient.

When we add the keyboard, the weight of the Chuwi Hi9 Plus becomes 820grams, which is still very light and will allow us to work in total comfort. So there is no problem in the operation of the tablet.

Not only the keyboard has a great importance in the tablet. Also, other peripherals such as the mouse are key. Although one of the great advantages of it is that we can use both a mouse and the stylus. So you have many more possibilities of use. The stylus is really accurate and we can use it easily in presentations.

A key aspect when having to use a tablet in the office is the operating system. In the case of the Chuwi Hi9 Plus, we find Android, although designed for use in the office. So the experience of use will be like in a computer. Something that undoubtedly facilitates the use of the tablet at the time of having to edit documents or presentations.

In addition, we have functions such as synchronization with the cloud or backups in the cloud. You can also synchronize documents online in a really simple way. In it we have support for OTG, and we have a USB port in it. The Chuwi Hi9 Plus has connectivity to 4G networks.

In short, a perfect tablet to use in the office. Since it will allow us in a simple way to carry out the main tasks of the office, such as answering emails, creating documents or presentations, or sharing files online. Also to take calls or video calls out. In short, many options.

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