Chuwi HiPen H6 Review: Unleash your creativity with the 4096 pressure level stylus


Chuwi is a brand known for the production of top-notch tablets and PCs, but this time, the brand has comes with an amazing device that would perfectly work with your tablets at home. We are talking about the Chuwi HiPen H6. It features lots of amazing features that we would be looking at shortly.

Ergonomic design

The Chuwi HiPen H6 Stylus is made of advanced aluminum alloy with anode sandblasted which is very nice to hold and feel. It brings about a comfortable sense of grip. The combination of material used for the product if the device also brings excellent quality and hand feeling. The device is very light, weighing just 16g.  It features a more delicate perception with 4096 pressure levels. Upgraded to incredible 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity,
HiPen H6 restores the experience of real handwriting.

Accurate writing,real time display

The Chuwi HiPen H6 is equipped with a consistently,low delay sensor chip,provides first-rate smooth experience in writing and painting. It is embedded with Intelligent palm rejection. The sensor chip in HiPen H6 can perceive your palm intelligently. Even with multi-touch, the screen can still recognize the writing of the stylus just right.


The Chuwi HiPen H6 offers a continuous writing 90 days after every single charge. Intelligent power management,provides up to 90 days of continuous writing. The stylus will switch to sleep mode after being idle for 2 minutes,standby up to 180 days. It also features a micro USB quick charging. The HiPen H6 charges quickly via a Micro USB port. Instead of replacing AAAA batteries as frequently as a regular stylus.


The Chuwi HiPen H6 is Compatible with Microsoft Surface PC series. Not only for UBook Pro, HiPen H6 is also compatible with the MPP scheme Microsoft Surface’s tablets and laptops. You can buy it from Chuwi official website HERE


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