CHUWI LapBook 14.1 VS CHUWI LapBook 12.3 Notebook Review


Chuwi right now is working on a new Lapbook, it is Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 inch, which will be shown on Global Source Mobile electronics from April 18 to 21, 2017, because Chuwi will attend this big show to release their new products. Of course, they will also show other tablet pc and accessories. So do you know the similarity and difference between Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 and Chuwi Lapbook 12.3? Which one is more worthwhile to buy?


CHUWI LapBook 14.1 has 14.1 inch FHD IPS screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, while Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 has 12.3 inch screen with 2736 x 1824 Resolution, according to comparison, although Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 has smaller screen, it has higher resolution, therefore, Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 will offer better experience for watching videos and browsing webs. They are also different in the interface, Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 has two USB 3.0 host, but Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 has one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0. Of course, they both have a mini HDMI port, a DC jack, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. So Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 has also upgraded in USB port.


Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 is powered by Intel APOLLO LAKE N3450 1.1GHz,Quad Core processor, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, while Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 comes with Intel Celeron N3450 Quad core processor but RAM 6GB ROM 64GB storage, therefore, Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 will have better performance to do multi-tasking, offering faster speed to play games.


Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 and Lapbook 14.1 both can support multilanguage, but Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 will run Windows 10/ Ubuntu-TBD OS,  Lapbook 14.1 only runs Windows 10 OS. Besides, Lapbook 12.3 only has 0.3MP front camera, 7.6V / 8000mAh, Li-ion polymer battery , but Lapbook 14.1 has 2MP front camera, 7.4V / 9000mAh, Polymer Li-ion battery ,so Lapbook 14.1 has higher definition front camera and better battery capacity. Due to smaller screen, we believe Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 will have similar battery life as Lapbook 14.1.

Chuwi lapbook 12.3

Chuwi Lapbook 14.1



According to main comparison, we can see Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 and Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 are quite similar in design, the biggest highlight for Lapbook 12.3 is the RAM, so if you are into a smaller size but more powerful Tablet PC, you can choose Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 , otherwise, Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 can be a better one, right now Chuwi Lapbook 14.1 is in flash sale from Gearbest at $229.99, It is in stock, you don’t have  to wait for long time shipping. By the way, if you need the technical support, you can contact here.

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Update October 6, 2017:
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Start End Items (English) pro price Coupon Amount
11.14 11.30 CHUWI LapBook 12.3 278.99 GBTPC28 100

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