Chuwi LapBook Air On Discount With Coupons and The New Notebook Line-Up of the Beginning of 2019


Chuwi is a famous Chinese manufacturer of laptops sold cheaply and has launched in recent months several new products, including Chuwi LapBook SE, Chuwi LapBook Air and Chuwi LapBook 12.3. In the course of 2019, the company will also release new models of the successful Chuwi Herobook, Probook and LapBook Pro families. Click here for a complete overview of Chuwi products.

Chuwi LapBook SE

It is one of the company’s cheaper laptops, while it is equipped with sophisticated solutions such as a 13.3 “IPS display with reduced edges and a backlit keyboard. For the storage solution, it is possible to rely on the integrated M.2 slot, the all at a price of around $400. Click here for more details.

Chuwi LapBook Air

The display is 14.1 “in Full HD resolution. CHUWI LapBook Air Notebook 14.1 inch up to 2.2 GHz Laptop PC Intel Celeron N3450 Ultrabook Windows 10 1920x1080P 8GB RAM, 128GB ROM WiFi System Chrome. With the coupon code: SpringPre, you can buy LapBook Air at a rather attractive price on Amazon. By click here, so you can find all the details of the product, such as the backlit keyboard.

Chuwi LapBook 12.3

This handset is supported by Intel processors from the Apollo Lake family. It has a 12.3 “panel with IPS technology, a 6GB RAM memory compartment and 64GB of storage with the possibility of external SD expansion. The cost is very interesting on thanks to the YO4P38I4 coupon. If you want to know more about it, just click here.

Chuwi Herobook

This laptop uses a 14.1 “anti-glare display, a 38Wh battery and an Intel quad-core processor. The keyboard takes up almost the entire surface of the chassis, as the display can boast a borderless design. It will arrive in February 2019, and we will know more about it at the official launch.

Chuwi ProBook

In this case, we are faced with a professional-style laptop computer also in the near future, with a memory compartment based on 8 GB of RAM and a 128 GB SSD. The display will be 13.3 “with IPS technology, and we will have the latest Intel processors, a 38Wh battery and a backlit borderless keyboard.

Chuwi LapBook Pro

The new LapBook Pro is a “full-view” computer with the display covering almost its entire surface. Implements an Intel processor from the Gemini Lake family (N4100), a 90% screen-frame ratio (stated), and has a 14.1 “panel at full HD resolution, the keyboard is backlit and the Windows 10 operating system with a regular license.

If you’d like to know more about the Chuwi HeroBook or LapBook Pro, while the CHUWI ProBook is still not listed on the company’s website.


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